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10 Reasons To Opt Drupal For Your E-commerce Website

10 Reasons To Opt Drupal For Your E-commerce Website

Webmasters all across the world continue their search to find top-notch platform for hosting their websites. In general, if we discuss about e-commerce websites, then webmasters do have a broad range of needs and always look for a cutting edge solution. Their interests are towards those platforms that are robust & fully customizable and hold a wide scope to enlarge functionality and features. However, a plenty of free to use content management systems are present over the web that are used to develop e-commerce sites, but it is onerous to decide perfect one.

Hiring Mobile App Developer: What Criteria Should Be Considered!

Hiring Mobile App Developer: What Criteria Should Be Considered!

In order to be a part mobile world, many entrepreneurs and businesses are searching mobile app developers. Today, looking for relevant application developers is a daunting task, but it can be made easier, if the hirers know the key criteria to choose developers and are prepared with the brief report. What are the key criteria that every business professional should consider and what should the brief report comprises, all are explained below. At first, this blog explains about brief report and then comes to the key criteria.

10 Best WordPress Typography Plugins

10 Best WordPress Typography Plugins to Improve Readability and Interactions

The web developers and designers have always considered typography to be extremely valuable for WordPress. It's only that they haven't been able to make proper improvements while designing typography exclusively for your contents. A perfect WordPress typography brings life to your site with the use of few handy plugins, and makes your website be prominent for all the accurate reasons. We've offered you with 10 best WordPress typography plugins that will help in improving readability for your viewers and develop interactions too.

How Students can Learn Web Design Online?

How Students Can Learn Web Design Online?

Today's students have become fast-forward so much so that they are taking keen interest in learning about the art of web designing and trying to gain proficiency in web design field as their strong professional career. The first 30 days of learning web design for the students are vital as they need to stick to it, rather than thinking of quitting. They should learn the useful tips and tricks about web design and remain on track. There are many resources for learning web design that every student designer should know.

7 Mobile App Design tips that win Users

7 Mobile App Design Tips that Win Users

App design is at once a creative and enterprising activity that plays a huge role in garnering traffic and more downloads. Ignoring design elements your so called unique app does not stand a chance to win the user preference and create its own niche of users. While some elements of app design you need to stay clear off, there are other twists of creativity that you need to incorporate as positive input. Here we would provide 7 mobile app design tips that win users.

Future of Online gaming in the browser

The technological innovations defining the future of gaming in the browser

For the past four decades, gaming consoles have been synonymous with quality gaming. The journey from clunky gameplay and patchy graphics to high-end life-like virtual reality gaming has taken place through gaming consoles. Even today, gaming on smartphones, mobile devices, and even web browsers is considered to be inferior, while console gaming is considered to be synonymous with hardcore gaming.

What is eCommerce Gamification?

What is eCommerce Gamification?

According to Wikipedia, gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems and increase users' self contributions. If you think about gamification in the context of an eCommerce site, you will understand that this is a great tool aimed at making shopping process more entertaining due to different motivators, both hidden and visible. Gamification gives a person an opportunity to achieve something: a goal, get points, coupons, etc. that can generally be called rewards.

Building a Social Networking WordPress site using BuddyPress

converting wordpress site into social platform using buddypress

There has been a constant rise in the demand for social networking websites - where people can connect and interact with other people. In fact, most of the people have already associated their website with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and others to meet the growing demand for creating a presence on social networks. But, you may need to join a social community website with a smaller community, perhaps one that doesn't require a massive user base.

5 Deadly Mistakes that spoil your App Store Optimization

5 Deadly Mistakes that spoil your App Store Optimization

The biggest challenge that application owners are facing these days is making an application easy to be discovered in this highly saturated market. App Store optimization is a very crucial step in the process of marketing. This App Store Optimization is a process where your mobile applications will be shown higher in the app search results. Like in the case of search engines, higher the rankings, higher are the visibility of your application to your potential users. The only aim of ASO is to find and grab more app users and then convincing them to download your application.