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10 Best JavaScript Minifying Tools

10 Best JavaScript Minifying Tools

JavaScript minification is utilized by many of the production websites, but it has its own technique to compress your scripts into very smaller tracks. JavaScript is intended mainly for your respective browsers, instead of your users. Web developers get tremendous benefit from the best JavaScript minifying tools in order to execute distinct difficult tasks successfully, thus sparing your efforts and important time.

30 Useful Online or Web Tools Available for Professional Writers

30 Useful Online OR Web Tools Available for Professional Writers

When writers wrote in the past the best friend which they had was the pen and paper, or possibly a diary. That's all changed now, there are web numerous tools out there which are designed to provide writers with a whole lot of writing assistance and more. Here we will have a closer look at some of these web based tools which have been developed and which are constantly developed to help Professional writers.

The Amazing Web Designs Trends of 2015

The Amazing Web Designs Trends of 2015

With the onset of 2015, every web designer is excited about the new web design trends that will be ruling excessively this year, and they can utilize them creatively for bringing up more number of unique websites for their companies. The evolvement of web design is happening at a quicker pace, and in 2015 it has approached with distinct vibrant trends. Web designing is nevertheless a great advantage in the brilliant presentation of products, offering the best services, using new technologies and uniting people among themselves.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider Drupal for Your Ecommerce Store Website

10 Reasons to select Drupal for Ecommerce Website

When you search into the online market you will find a number of free Content Management Systems for designing your website. It becomes really difficult to decide which one is going to be the best for selling your products and services. Here we have given you 10 major reasons for why you should go for Drupal as your eCommerce website platform.

Making Use of CSS Ready classes to Tailor Gravity Forms

Making Use of CSS Ready classes to Tailor Gravity Forms

With the Gravity Forms 1.5, we were introduced to "Ready Classes". Now, these classes come with a set of exceptional features that are hard to ignore. When you are creating forms for your pages, these ready classes can give you the capability to build some unique looking layouts that give a different look and feel to the field in the forms. In its truest form, Ready Classes can be defined as those class names that can be assigned to the parent elements around every field. What it does is that it makes use of the default styles that are contained in the stylesheet for the forms.

Did Apple use Microsoft Word for designing iOS 7 ?

Microsoft Word - Did Apple use it for designing iOS 7 ?

Apple keeps on rolling out different versions for its operating system. One of the best things about these iOS versions is that each one comes with a unique design to render flawless user experiences. Talking specifically about the seventh version of iOS, it can well be said that Apple product users have been quite perplexed about the new styling and features.

HTML5 - Winning Race For An iOS App Developer's Heart

Html 5 winning race for iOS app developers

The unstoppable success and popularity of Apple's iOS has been recognized by web app developers all over the world. With the most recent iOS8 release, Apple has announced getting friendly with the slow and steady HTML5 web technology. Irrespective of all the technical and performance breakdowns of HTML5, Apple has chosen it for developing serious iOS applications. Keep on reading this blog to find more about Apple getting friendly with HTML5.

A Comprehensive Guide on Creating a Mobile Friendly Drupal Website

A Comprehensive Guide on Creating a Mobile Friendly Drupal Website

The increasing usage and popularity of mobile devices and hyper-competitive business environment have made it extremely hard for the marketers, organizations, and webmasters to retain their business without developing a mobile-friendly website. Mobile development skills are gaining prominence since mobile devices are often used for mobile surfing and information gathering. And, Drupal- a leading CMS platform provides a lot of opportunities to develop brilliant responsive and adaptive websites.

PHPbrew and VirtPHP - Two incredibly effective tools for PHP developers


The evolution of PHP from a mere server-side scripting language to a full-fledged general-purpose programming language hasn't gone unnoticed in the recent years. To top that, the innovative versions of PHP that are being launched into the web market on a regular basis have added fuel to the ever-rising popularity of the web development software. If you're a PHP developer, you might have come across a situation where you need to switch from one PHP version to another.