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Did Apple use Microsoft Word for designing iOS 7 ?

Microsoft Word - Did Apple use it for designing iOS 7 ?

Apple keeps on rolling out different versions for its operating system. One of the best things about these iOS versions is that each one comes with a unique design to render flawless user experiences. Talking specifically about the seventh version of iOS, it can well be said that Apple product users have been quite perplexed about the new styling and features.

HTML5 - Winning Race For An iOS App Developer's Heart

Html 5 winning race for iOS app developers

The unstoppable success and popularity of Apple's iOS has been recognized by web app developers all over the world. With the most recent iOS8 release, Apple has announced getting friendly with the slow and steady HTML5 web technology. Irrespective of all the technical and performance breakdowns of HTML5, Apple has chosen it for developing serious iOS applications. Keep on reading this blog to find more about Apple getting friendly with HTML5.

A Comprehensive Guide on Creating a Mobile Friendly Drupal Website

A Comprehensive Guide on Creating a Mobile Friendly Drupal Website

The increasing usage and popularity of mobile devices and hyper-competitive business environment have made it extremely hard for the marketers, organizations, and webmasters to retain their business without developing a mobile-friendly website. Mobile development skills are gaining prominence since mobile devices are often used for mobile surfing and information gathering. And, Drupal- a leading CMS platform provides a lot of opportunities to develop brilliant responsive and adaptive websites.

PHPbrew and VirtPHP - Two incredibly effective tools for PHP developers


The evolution of PHP from a mere server-side scripting language to a full-fledged general-purpose programming language hasn't gone unnoticed in the recent years. To top that, the innovative versions of PHP that are being launched into the web market on a regular basis have added fuel to the ever-rising popularity of the web development software. If you're a PHP developer, you might have come across a situation where you need to switch from one PHP version to another.

How To Develop An Android App Via DrupalGap

Android app via Drupalgap

Drupal is a wonderful web development tool that has interestingly evolved as a versatile tool to cater to the growing demand for mobile content support. The significance of mobile presence is no more hidden from anyone. Before diving into mobile app development process, it is better to streamline your choice and find out which type of application will more benefit your business.

Drupal 8: How Does it Holds Great Promises for Developers

PSD to drupal conversion

Drupal as a leading content management system continues to flourish as it has become more diverse, better and promising than ever before. Buoyed up by the success of Drupal 7, the webmasters of Drupal are now coming up with the latest Drupal 8, thus creating a positive wave of change, which aids in building a great future for Drupal. With the focus to make Drupal more project-oriented and flexible, Drupal 8 can be seen as a tool for expansion and modernization that definitely makes Drupal a great choice.

Criticality of being responsible for Drupal security breaches

Drupal Security

Since the recent years, the maintainers of Drupal content management system have been regularly warning consumers about Drupal core's vulnerability to major security attacks. SQL Injection flaw can be considered as the most popular vulnerability that has got highlighted amongst the global Drupal designers and developers. Post the disclosure of this vulnerability, security threats got increased for the Drupal modules, allowing attackers to compromise a website without even requiring a genuine account.

Book Giveaway Contest : Instant Premium Drupal Themes

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How to use Drupal Drop Down menu

Devsaran themes has inbuilt features for Superfish Drop down menu. No additional module is required for menu drop down.

Devsaran theme will display your Drupal Main menu in header menu bar.
Administration >> Structure >> Menus >> Main menu

Drop Menu

So, Make sure that you have links in Main menu.

To make drop down menu work, make sure you have enabled Show as expanded for every parent menu item.