10 Best WordPress Typography Plugins

10 Best WordPress Typography Plugins to Improve Readability and Interactions

The web developers and designers have always considered typography to be extremely valuable for WordPress. It's only that they haven't been able to make proper improvements while designing typography exclusively for your contents. A perfect WordPress typography brings life to your site with the use of few handy plugins, and makes your website be prominent for all the accurate reasons. We've offered you with 10 best WordPress typography plugins that will help in improving readability for your viewers and develop interactions too.

1. WP Typography

The WP typography plugin includes quite many typography features for your blog that covers spacing control, styling, hyphenation, smart character placement, compelled internal enfolding of lengthy URLs, tackling of quotes and other distinct characters elegantly, and also CSS hooking for styling of acronyms, ampersands, and other unique characters. This plugin can simply harbor for any additional content management system which is supported on the PHP. WP typography functions with WP 2.7 upwards across 2.8.4.

2. Drop Caps

This plugin allows you to include a customized drop cap to your every post, comments, pages and other quotes. You can also use drop caps for crafting distinct kinds of initials. Drop caps plugin has been analyzed with WP 2.3 up via 2.7.1. The drop caps will enhance the readability of a person's posts via adding of elegant drop caps when the first paragraph of the whole content is begun, and also perks up the interaction well. The flair plug-in approaches with default style sheet at all times, but you can amend the CSS as per your requirements.


This plugin is considered as a font replacement plugin which permits you to swap any kind of font on your WordPress website along with vigorously created image which applies any OpenType or TrueType font that you desire. The DRF2WP EN operates with WP 2.5 up till 2.8.4. Its source code stays integral; that signifies that your website will be secure and won't strike with search engines.

4. TTFTitles

This plugin is yet another active text replacement WordPress plugin which allows you to replace your headers with the images, with the use of any type of TrueType font you select as per your preference. It has been experimented with WP 1.5.2 up across 2.7. TTFTitles is actually a redrafting of the Image Headline plugin.

5. Simple Pull Quote

With the help of Simple Pull Quote plugin, you can add pull quotes in your blogs for highlighting specific phrases or sentences applying the custom fields. The pull quotes can be designed by editing CSS file, and this function with WP 2.7 or 2.8. The look of your pull quotes changes after amending CSS files that is incorporated in plugin installation folders present at www.yourdomain.com/wp-content/plugins/simple-pull-quote/css/simple-pull-quote.css; or else you can even design with CSS class of 'simplePullQuote'.

6. jQuery Font Resizer

This plugin progresses the usability and convenience of your blog posts. jQuery Font Resizer includes three links to every web page for letting the visitors to resize the kind of that specific web page. It provides a huge option to create your website user-friendly for the views visiting your site, who actually like to have a bigger or smaller type, rather than standard type. The plugin is well-known to function with WP version 2.0.2 up across 2.7.

7. Post Typographer

The WordPress typography plugin named Post Typographer inserts a number of typography enhancements to your blog posts. This plugin operates with WP 2.5 up across 2.8.3. Post Typographer modifies dashes along with spaces towards the em-dashes; changes the hyphens without any spaces to the n-dashes; and revolves the spaces after specific words into the non-fragmenting spaces.

8. Google Syntax Highlighter for WordPress

This typography allows the creative Google Syntax Highlighter which was built by Alex Gorbatchev in WordPress. It is well-suited with the version 2.0.0 across 2.2.2. The plugin is fully a client-side highlighter that holds numerous languages, involving Python, PHP, Ruby, Delphi, XML, HTML, CSS, C++, etc.

9. CodeColorer

This WordPress typography plugin inserts syntax highlighting towards code snippets positioned on your blog. You can use this superb plugin if you are posting code snippets often, on web development blogs or digital marketing blogs. It functions with version 2.7 upwards through the 2.8.4.

10. TextImage

The TextImage has been experimented with WP 2.1 up through the 2.7.1. It is known to be an excellent plugin for use if you intend to obstruct the search engines from viewing your contents. It makes replacement of all kinds of texts in a post along with a PNG image. This plugin even spreads many of the automated filtering which definite countries use for editing internet content.

Hence, make the perfect use of the above WordPress typography plugins that will lift the ranking of your website quickly!

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