About Founder - Pradeep Saran


Pradeep Saran, an engineer in the field of Information Technology, has been an open source contributor from his college days. He started his own website devsaran.com, side by side with first job in SourceN. He was able to generate good clientele with his first venture and decided to quit the job as he was making good money with his venture. This was the start of a new journey for Saran, as he didn’t know what the future would hold for his venture. But it was his confidence that made sure he pursued his interest of open source contribution with full devotion and dedication. He did not hesitate one bit about transforming from being a regular employee to becoming an entrepreneur. It was the combination of his skills and confidence that made sure he was able to succeed in his first venture. Saran aims at improving the reach of SME’s by helping them through open source contribution. Saran has numerous free Drupal themes available on his website devsaran.com which intend to make life much easier for people to make their own website with an attractive design. His themes has been used by more than 150,000 websites all over the world. This will help numerous SME’s as they would be able to cater to the needs of more people than they would without a website or an app. He fascinated towards Front End Development, JavaScript and HTML5. Saran says, “You will cherish each day of your life once you make up your mind about going all out for your passion, something that you would want to do for a long time.” Not many people would take the risk of giving up on a stable job at the age of 25 to start something of their own. Saran is someone who will evolve with time and will definitely remain a stand out performer in the field of open source contribution, someone that people can always look up to for inspiration.

Key Achievements

  • Active Contributor to the Drupal Open Source Community, Saran contributed 23 themes to the Drupal Open Source Community. (More than 150,000 site usage)
  • Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) Developer
  • Technical Reviewer of a Best Selling Book Instant Premium Drupal Themes.


Recent work

  • Seed and Spark Seed and Spark is an one-stop shop where filmmakers can crowdfund, distribute, and interact with their audience and the broader independent film community.
  • Campus Diaries Campus Diaries is a Web 2.0 community website for its users to create, collaborate, and Share creative content with their friends, campuses etc.
  • Dell World Dell World is Dell’s premier event where industry visionaries and top technology professionals come together and share powerful IT solutions for critical business needs.
  • And much more....

Technical Skill Set

Skill Level Technology
Expert HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
Backbone.js, AngularJS, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB
Android, iOS, Drupal, PHP


Featured in

  • Dwolla, an E-Commerce firm appreciated Saran for his Dwolla Payment Gateway module.
  • and much more.

Support him

Please consider Cash Contribution through Paypal for his free Drupal Modules, Themes & Projects which helps him creating new and free quality drupal themes & projects in the future.