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Future of Online gaming in the browser

The technological innovations defining the future of gaming in the browser

For the past four decades, gaming consoles have been synonymous with quality gaming. The journey from clunky gameplay and patchy graphics to high-end life-like virtual reality gaming has taken place through gaming consoles. Even today, gaming on smartphones, mobile devices, and even web browsers is considered to be inferior, while console gaming is considered to be synonymous with hardcore gaming.

What is eCommerce Gamification?

What is eCommerce Gamification?

According to Wikipedia, gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems and increase users' self contributions. If you think about gamification in the context of an eCommerce site, you will understand that this is a great tool aimed at making shopping process more entertaining due to different motivators, both hidden and visible. Gamification gives a person an opportunity to achieve something: a goal, get points, coupons, etc. that can generally be called rewards.

Building a Social Networking WordPress site using BuddyPress

converting wordpress site into social platform using buddypress

There has been a constant rise in the demand for social networking websites - where people can connect and interact with other people. In fact, most of the people have already associated their website with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and others to meet the growing demand for creating a presence on social networks. But, you may need to join a social community website with a smaller community, perhaps one that doesn't require a massive user base.

5 Deadly Mistakes that spoil your App Store Optimization

5 Deadly Mistakes that spoil your App Store Optimization

The biggest challenge that application owners are facing these days is making an application easy to be discovered in this highly saturated market. App Store optimization is a very crucial step in the process of marketing. This App Store Optimization is a process where your mobile applications will be shown higher in the app search results. Like in the case of search engines, higher the rankings, higher are the visibility of your application to your potential users. The only aim of ASO is to find and grab more app users and then convincing them to download your application.

Why Responsive E-Commerce site is essential for Online Success!

Responsive web design

With the fierce competition prevailing in the online market, companies need to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in order to stay out of the crowd. The emergence of Smartphones and rapid increase in their usage have necessitated the development of websites that are compatible with multiple platforms, not just traditional desktops. Creating a responsive e-commerce site for your business is undoubtedly a great start, which enables you to capitalize the mobile era.

7 Benefits of Drupal Web Development that you can not Ignore

Drupal Web Development Benefits

What is a similarity between the websites of The Economist, Mint, New York Government and Arizona University ? Well, all these websites are made of Drupal open source software, particularly created for a content management system (CMS) framework. PHP is an open source script code, which is free of any licensing costs and a choice of developers from many years. Drupal is written in PHP code, and, therefore, it saves money when it comes to developing a website using it.

How you will see Mobile Applications in the year 2015?

 Mobile Applications In The Year 2015

The year 2015 is the year of mobile applications. You will see a drastic change in the behaviour of mobile applications by this year. Well if we go back to the year 2014 and compare the mobile applications with that of now there is already a huge change in that. The use of mobile applications and their needs is increasing day by day. Here we have discussed the predicted changed behaviour of mobile applications in the year 2015. Have a look how these mobile applications are going to change your way of living.

What should Android App developers Do In 2015

What should Android App developers Do In 2015

Android has already become the topmost platform in terms of market share and functionality. Like every year, in this year too the app development organizations and programmers should have to shift the paradigm in Android application marketing and coding in order to boost the profit and optimize the business. The year 2015 will be a great year for Android market and to reap the benefit, there is a requirement to deploy the following things effectively:

Implementing Custom Summary Boxes via Wordpress Dashboard

Implementing Custom Summary Boxes via Wordpress Dashboard

What makes managing the WordPress websites so convenient is the WP dashboard. It allows the site administrator to easily tweak the site in a desired fashion by offering a plethora of amazing controls. While considering the awesome WordPress dashboard features, it has to be said that site owners can access the insightful features of their site with an amazing ease. For instance, it allows one to efficiently enhance their websites' UI elements in a desired fashion by simply implementing the easy-to-use drag & drop function.