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5 Security Modules to Protect your Drupal Website

5 Security Modules to Protect Your Drupal Website

Drupal is quickly becoming popular among those web developers who usually prefer to have more security features for their content management systems. Frequent updates of Drupal have made it a more secure option and Drupal's Community of expert developers from all around the world has also been playing a major role in making it a more popular CMS by contributing variety of modules as well as themes which allow users to enjoy unlimited free features for their websites.

How Color Influences Website Usability ?

Color and User Experience

When designing, color is used as a subliminal tool to evoke certain emotions and connotations. It would be a natural assumption that these color references are recognized worldwide; however, there are actually wide variations between cultures and the meanings assigned to different colors. This is particularly important when designing your website for an international audience. It is necessary to pay attention to the target market as a simple mistake of including a color with negative associations could influence the success of the design.

How to build your first website in 10 effective ways ?

How to build your first website in 10 effective ways ?

For any new learner or beginner, the task of developing a first website could be like climbing a mountain; which is not an easy task to accomplish. This is because of the reason that it takes a lot of time and dedication to know and get awareness about the about all the aspects of building a website. Therefore, one has to analyze and evaluate the requirements first before starting the process of website development. In this manner, a person could make up his or her mind and at the same time he or she could acquire motivation to step into this phenomenon.

How to develop and finalize an attractive user friendly form ?

How to develop and finalize an attractive user friendly form?

A well-crafted form is a desirable way of enhancing communication with the visitors or customers. In this manner, there is the likelihood that visitors will prefer to share their information and feedback with the websites. At times, it becomes difficult to develop and maintain user-friendly form in the desired manner. There is need of understanding from a different perspective that user could become annoyed, disturbed and frustrated and this situation needs to be assumed as the opportunity.

Making your Drupal website rank highly on Google

Making your Drupal website rank highly on Google

Contrary to popular opinion, promoting a Drupal is not at all bad. Drupal is the second largest content management system, after WordPress. You can never mention Drupal without evoking thoughts about its counterpart. The moment that you have gotten a clear comprehension of the workings of Drupal you will realize just how great it is as a content management system. The next thing you will have to worry about is search engine optimization (SEO) for Drupal websites. If you want your site to rank better on Google and other search engines, there are several things that you must do.

Native Mobile application or Phonegap Hybrid app

Native Mobile application or Phonegap Hybrid app

Over the past few years, mobile app development has reconstructed its history and has seen various stages of transformation. What's next is still a question for everyone, even for the people in this industry. It is still a crucial task for the businesses to decide whether to invest in the native mobile applications or try developing hybrid apps. A balanced decision can only be made by measuring all the merits and demerits of native and hybrid apps. Before proceeding towards the segment of comparison, let us first understand both these terms technically.

8 Most Significant Predictions for Web Development in 2016

8 most significant predictions for web development in 2016

The field of web development is rapidly expanding with the passage of time and, as a result, people are showing lots of interest and curiosity in web development. The phenomenon of web development has changed because of the advancement of technology along with improvements in different tools and resources. Therefore, Web designing and development is becoming one of the most effective attribute of promoting business or organizations over the internet. By means of web development interactive and attractive websites can be developed through which the target audiences of organizations could be improved.

Avoiding SEO Rookie Mistakes 101: Web Redesign Disasters

Website Redesign

People living in the 21st century have developed a special relationship with the World Wide Web. Everything they want and need - from physical items to abstract information - can be acquired through a simple method of scrolling and clicking. It is precisely because of this quick and easy process, a lot of individuals have deemed the Internet as an everyday need. Normally, when an ordinary person clicks a hyperlink, they are presented a page that is riddled with their desired information.

Creating your own Custom Page Templates in WordPress

custom page template

Nowadays, it is difficult to attract audiences to your website. For one thing, you are not the only Internet user in the 21st century and, although the World Wide Web is expansive, being "original" or unique can be a bit tricky. It is possible that someone, somewhere had the same website idea as you do now, and has probably setup their pages in the Internet. Now do not feel distressed when this happens because, in this day and age, this occurrence is quite common.

8 Proven Practices to Secure Your Career with a Right Internship Opportunity

8 Proven Practices to Secure Your Career with a Right Internship Opportunity

But the surprising element is that every fresh grad is not smart enough to land on a right internship opportunity to get some work experience. Therefore in this article we would discuss practices that any student could learn to grow their career proactively. Here are 7 proven practices that you must ensure to speedily land on the best internship opportunity.