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The Psychology behind High Converting eCommerce Sites

The Psychology behind High Converting eCommerce Sites

We all know, eCommerce websites are flourishing these days and this is what leads to better conversion of your products. Too many presence of other eCommerce websites,creates big challenge for you to target the audience. Although, most of them have already won their customers heart and manage to achieve their targets. So, have you thought how to blow your potential visitors mind to boost the conversion rates ? OK. So let's start with the most important visitor action that defines your business sales.

Top 8 Web Design Mistakes that Greatly Affect the Websites

Top 8 Web Design Mistakes that Greatly Affect the Websites

There are tons of mistakes website designers make while designing the websites. Everything from common mistakes to deadly oversights, these mistakes sometimes lead to major issues. Designing a website can be an overwhelming task even if you are an experienced designer. It happens to all of us. We are only humans. But if we are aware of such oversights, we try to avoid them. Therefore, we decided to list the most common designing mistakes designers often make.

Best HTML5 Online Sketching Tools for Designers

Best HTML5 Online Sketching Tools for Designers

The current website design and development industry is soaring day by day; it has entered into a challenging phase due to the involvement of enormous tools. The powerful tools endowed with improved quality features are greatly useful to design and draw. Having promising nature, these prominent tools turn the toughest task into the less time taking steps that demand minimum efforts from the designers to implement the requirements. The tools enriched with creative features and built with the newest technology have been developed by the experts; this is why, these are easily readable.

Top 12 Must-have Plugins for WordPress Sites

12 Must Have Plugins for WordPress Sites

Two things you want from your website - minimal work and maintenance on your part and great UE for every visitor. Fortunately, because WordPress is singularly the most popular design format these days, there are some great plugins that can do both things. There are so many, however, that it may be difficult to pick and choose those that are most critical and that also do the best job. Here's a list of 12 wordpress plugins that you really will want.

Streams of Income for Web Developer and Designer

Streams of Income for Web Developer and Designer

Web designers hate WordPress. Many of them, anyway. All of a sudden, anyone who wants a website can design his/her own. And with reasonable intelligence and some research, that same person can add the plugins, get a shopping cart solution, add a blog, get on social media, and begin to sell. And if any of them do call in a designer, they expect to pay very little. After all, given all the great tools out there that require no coding, what are you doing to earn your pay anyway ?

Best 15 Hand-Picked Tools for Web Designing and Development

Web Designing and Development

If you work as a web designer or web developer, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies and other cutting-edge web designing and development tools. It becomes extremely important for you to introduce innovative ways of developing websites if you want to leave a great impression on web users. Undoubtedly, there is a lot of stress and pressure on web designers and developers to generate productive results in a short time span.

16 Java Development Tools For Web Developers

Java Development Tools For Web Developers

Java Programming is one of the most popular object-oriented programming languages. It is a set of software programs used for developing a software application and deploying it in various computing environments. One of the prominent features of Java is that it is platform-independent at both the source and binary levels. Moreover, writing network programs in Java is quite easy and Java is designed to make distributed computing a breeze. Today, Java language is used in an array of computing platforms, such as embedded devices, mobile phones, enterprise servers and supercomputers.

The Beginner's Guide to Content Management Systems

Guide to Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) can be used by anyone to easily make, publish, edit and manage websites. These CMS allows anyone to make websites without having extensive knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS or PHP. Examples of such systems are WordPress and Drupal. The easiest way to get to know more about CMS to look at the different ones that are available and to learn with experience. Each one will be slightly different, but will have easy to use guides for you to use. This article is a basic introduction to CMS and the various types available.

Top 9 Reasons to use WordPress for eCommerce in 2016

Top 9 Reasons to Use WordPress for eCommerce in 2016

Over the years, WordPress has grown from a simple publishing platform to the world's most powerful CMS. Today, over 24% of all websites are powered by WordPress, including some of the most reputable brands like CNN, Bata, TechCrunch, BBC and Mashable. Even eBay, the company that owns Magento eCommerce platform, uses WordPress for their blogging purposes. There was a time when most of the people used to avoid using WordPress for creating an eCommerce store, but now things have changed completely.

Free and Responsive Flat WordPress templates

Arcade Basic

WordPress is a fantastic CMS platform that allows website owners to craft imploring websites. However, the significant aspect of a website is its design and WordPress is enveloped with hundreds and thousands of free themes that have the ability to bring real feel and beauty into the site. Well, you can find thousands of WordPress themes, but Flat themes are one of the best options for those who want to build the simple yet elegant website.