Hot debate about WordPress and Drupal themes

Hot debate about WordPress and Drupal themes

There has always been a hot debate as to which is the best content management system (CMS) between WordPress and Drupal. Undeniably, WordPress is the more popular of the two. There are other CMS platforms that people go for but then, these are the biggest and most famous. This is because of the features that they offer. WordPress has a larger market share and thus it is not a surprise that many bloggers and webmasters will go for this one first. Drupal also has its place in the market in as much as it might not be all that big.

Drupal is a bit harder to use compared to WordPress primarily because of this small market. If you are having a problem using something in WordPress, there are thousands of tutorials available to help you out here. There will always be someone to help you out. This is not the case with Drupal due to the smaller community. This is the same case with themes. There are so many themes that are created for WordPress as compared to those that are built for Drupal. Themes run the websites - secretly. If you do not have certain themes, then definitely you are going to have a hard time getting your website off from the ground.

Drupal versus WordPress themes and plug-ins

One thing that puts WordPress ahead of Drupal is the themes. There are so many app theme developers and website creators who have dedicated their existence to creating fantastic themes for WordPress. There are thousands if not millions of themes for just about everything on the WordPress platform. A new theme seems to be coming out every passing day. This is not the case with Drupal.

WordPress offers a staggering 15000 plug-ins while Drupal has a bit over 8000. There are clearly more options available for he who chooses to work with WordPress as their CMS of choice. The number of themes provided by WordPress is close to 1,400 while that of Drupal is in the neighborhood of 885. These are many options still.

Even with the many options, there are some episodes where Drupal outranks WordPress. It is worth noting that in as much as it might take a very long time to get a Drupal theme; these themes are of premium quality. They have few dysfunctions and once you get an understanding of how they work, you will be in for very good service. This is not to say that WordPress themes are dysfunctional.

Convert your website to whatever you want

What is it that you want to do with your website? You can easily do it with WordPress. Before going any further into this article, it is important to point out that Drupal is not hard to use, it is just hard to learn how to use it. The same case when it comes to customizing your website. It can be quite difficult to customize your website when you are using Drupal as compared to WordPress. It goes without saying that Drupal is for the experienced user while WordPress is perfect for beginners.

Are you looking for the best business directory WordPress themes? You can be sure that you will be able to get them with such impeccable ease. The same goes for those who want to turn their basic WordPress sites into a gold mine by making them e-commerce sites. An e-commerce site can be extremely difficult to create but then with the help of a simplified CMS like WordPress plus multiple themes for your selection, you can easily get your site up and running in a matter of minutes.

There are also Drupal themes that are available to help develop your website into whatever you want it to become. Do you want to create an auction site? You can do that. However, you will have fewer options to select from when you are creating your Drupal auction site. A number of features are common in both the Drupal and WordPress themes:

  1. SEO options - Finding themes that are beneficial in terms of SEO is not as difficult as you might imagine. Remember, SEO determines whether your site is going to rank among the best or the worst. When you are checking for themes for either WordPress or Drupal you should make sure that they are helpful when it comes to optimization of the search engines.
  2. Social media integration - Social media integration is vital because as you probably know by now, it is through social media that websites get most traffic. You want billions of people from across the globe to visit your website? There should be an avenue to share out content directly from your site to the social media platforms. It sounds like too much work; but then, you can find themes with this feature.
  3. Website customization - The Drupal and WordPress themes available provide a good number of customization options. You can change colors, add images, alter the layout while adding some sidebars. There are themes, plug-ins and modules (as they are called in Drupal).

Getting the WordPress themes

When you are selecting the WordPress themes for creating your business directory site or whatever other site you want to create, you should know several things. For starters, you will need self-hosted WordPress website so that you can use it. With this in mind, you will have to start your hunt for a webhost. Do not fret; there are many of them available.

The next thing will be to select your domain and then proceed to install WordPress. These should not take a long time to complete. The final step is where you install the WordPress theme of choice. You can search for the finest WordPress themes for your project and install them effortlessly.


In summary, the best option that you can take in terms of a content management system is WordPress. This is particularly so if you are a beginner. There are so many themes available for you to make your website whatever you want it to become. On the other hand, Drupal also has some fantastic features and themes that you will enjoy. They might be harder to learn how to use, but once you have a grip on how to get the work done, you will be on your way to great service.