8 Most Significant Predictions for Web Development in 2016

By AmelieMillie, 23 November, 2015
8 most significant predictions for web development in 2016

The field of web development is rapidly expanding with the passage of time and, as a result, people are showing lots of interest and curiosity in web development. The phenomenon of web development has changed because of the advancement of technology along with improvements in different tools and resources. Therefore, Web designing and development is becoming one of the most effective attribute of promoting business or organizations over the internet. By means of web development interactive and attractive websites can be developed through which the target audiences of organizations could be improved.

On the other hand, the styles and perceptions of web designing or development are becoming more dynamic and vibrant. Therefore, web designing in modern scenario is now being considered an art rather than a field. Considering these attributes, there have been different types of trends and approaches applied in order to make the art of web designing more productive and result-oriented. These trends are also being changed because of the demands and requirements of customers or target audiences. The websites that are being developed are more customized and responsive and provide various options and benefits to the users.

The online mediums are also being influenced because of the latest advancements taking place in the area of web development or designing. Consequently, on the basis of present situation or scenario, there can be various kinds of predictions made out of which 8 most influential and mind-blowing predictions are discussed as follows:

1. Progress of Flat design

In the coming year of 2016, there is likelihood that flat design approach will be applied and get much more acceptance. This is because of the reason that android 5.0 and IOS 7/8 have been introduced in recent years and as a result flat design are gaining huge demands. In addition, android could be used in order to strengthen or support the notions of flat designs to a great extent. In this manner, the outlook of flat designs look quite amazing and attractive for mobile but at the same time it does not have the same power or attraction for larger screens.

In coming years, there is no point of denying this attribute that least or minimal design will definitely rule the next yield of latest and innovative websites. There is another observation that could play a vital role in the development of future websites and that is the simple and clear design that will work along with the help of consistent colors. This tactic will be more applied in the coming year and will gain much momentum and popularity among different web designers or developers.

2. Improved Responsiveness

This sort of prediction is expected to become a challenge for different people who are related with the field of web designing or development. This scenario could be perceived in such a way that developers will not only have to develop mobile responsive websites, at the same time they will have to focus on other traits and attributes of technological advancements. This is crucial because of the fact that Apple Watch, Oculus Rift along with Google glass are gaining so much popularity or fame among the users in present scenario. Therefore, the expectations of target audiences are increasing day by day because they want their websites to react and respond according to their screen sizes. This scenario is critical and at the same time it is important to understand because in this way their businesses will get more benefits and profits in future.

3. Typography importance or popularity

This is another critical prediction or scenario that will take place in the year 2016, the designers or developers are working so hard to develop websites that could appeal target audiences in best possible manner. For that reason, color combinations along with formatting and styles of content will definitely play their crucial roles in enhancing the scenario of web development in the future. This assumption is already being applied in different effective websites and the outcomes of this assumption are making a difference in reality. Therefore, the sensitivity of various websites is being influenced because of the application of typography concept to a large extent.

4. Lengthy or extended Scrolling Sites

In modern web designing phenomenon, this aspect has been observed that websites are being created in such a manner that users have to scroll the page of website longer than usual. This scenario is helping the users as they do not have to search or go through other tabs in order to explore relevant content or data. As a result, the customers are more preferring towards long scrolling websites because they can attain or explore required information at once because scrolling is much easier than searching each and every tab.

5. Contextual Designs

This trend is also getting fame with the passage of time and there is the likelihood that in the year 2016. The organizations producing different operating systems are actually providing different benefits to the customers; therefore, customers are changing their operating systems from one to another. Considering these changes in the recent scenario, developers are trying to produce those websites that are more focused on contexts or have contextual designs rather than consistent designs or operating systems. The websites will move more towards the context in the future therefore, different kinds of web pages will be transformed into contextual designs.

6. Application of Full-Screen Navigation

In the year 2016, focusing on the demands and other requirements of users or target audiences, web navigation will become more simple and effective. There has been so much emphasis and importance provided on the improvement or enhancement of full screen navigation by developers or designers. The effectiveness of full screen navigation can be considered in the form of automatically adjustments that will be applied on different web pages and forms. This will definitely provide convenience or comfort to the users in the desired way. Therefore, this could be assumed as the principle of full screen navigation that helps users in different ways.

7. Popup will not be allowed

This is another interesting and effective prediction that will be applied in 2016; the trend of simple and clean pages in the websites is already appreciated by the users. Therefore, web developers are already creating websites that do not have popup windows. The popup windows have been changed by means of providing the opportunity of signing up or registration at the end of the website. The popup windows actually irritate the users and this aspect has been observed in the past in various websites. Even if websites don’t stop using popups, ad blockers have become increasingly popular.

8. Pictures sharing apps

The trend of images or pictures that are posted in different websites will be definitely replaced in the year 2016. At the same time, videos and ads that are placed on different websites will be replaced as well through the help of different image or picture sharing apps. The Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat are those websites that exchange different kinds of images. The web developers or designers are producing different kinds of apps that integrate or combine both videos and images at the same time. These people are contributing services of space sharing by the help of these combined video and image sharing apps that can be viewed in various web pages.

Final Thoughts

In general, seeing the changes and latest interventions the web designing or development approaches are expected to revolutionize the field of the online or digital world. Therefore, there is the likelihood that in the coming year approaches for web development will become more simplified and user-friendly as well. The operating systems along with innovative apps and web pages are already creating an association among each other so that a system could be developed. This system has been developed or organized in such a manner that it could come up to the expectations and demands of all types of customers or target people in the future.

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