The Psychology behind High Converting eCommerce Sites

The Psychology behind High Converting eCommerce Sites

We all know, eCommerce websites are flourishing these days and this is what leads to better conversion of your products. Too many presence of other eCommerce websites,creates big challenge for you to target the audience. Although, most of them have already won their customers heart and manage to achieve their targets. So, have you thought how to blow your potential visitors mind to boost the conversion rates ? OK. So let's start with the most important visitor action that defines your business sales. We know, everyday visitors browse your website products, concern is; would they convert to buyers ? Until a call to action button is clicked, the visitor cannot be added to your buyer list. Doing a final purchase is what leads to eCommerce conversion.

By far, you don't know what is in a visitor's mind, until you find ways to understand them, you are absent for them. Getting to know what a customer wants or thinks and converting them to sales strategies, all depends on understanding their psychological behavior by imposing a fear of missing a deal, emotional appealing, asking instant response and many others that ask them to grasp the products by answering call to action. By understanding your customers psychological behavior and discovering ways to respond to their appeals, will help in eCommerce website conversion.

eCommerce Websites Design Psychology

Website design, a crucial factor that targets a visitor needs. How your website looks is the very first impression you are going to make on your visitor mind. Let us suppose, a visitor is looking for some product which is actually not available with your website. Then what, we know the common human practice to switch to some other website. Here you a missing a chance to actually present with some other products to drive their attention and keeping them engaged with your website.

All you need is to focus on gaining customers trust. Customers will be only dragged to your website if they trust you. Ask your eCommerce website design team to develop an appealing website to trigger conversion. If you make that very first impression on your visitors mind, that would stay them and make a purchase will increase brand awareness and results conversion.

Follow the tactics below to keep customers engaged with your website:
So let's bifurcate the common browsing steps that helps in calculating eCommerce website conversion. The call to action section actually composed of Product View, Add to Cart, Checkout and Purchase. The customer's number gradually decreases from first to last steps. We need to work on every steps in detail to remove the flaws and build conversion.

Color Psychology

In eCommerce website,importance of color usage can't be ignored. Your visitor's reaction will depend on what colors are used in the website. It addresses either decisive or pessimistic website presence. An effective color promotes not only your brand, but also build trigger action.

The website design depends on the products offered and should be considered even while designing call to action button. Every color draws identical meanings, resulting in gaining customers trust and attention. For example, if you are providing banking services, then 'Blue' color will resemble security, whereas, if offering women products, the 'Pink' color would be appealing and reassembling.

Emotional Psychology

Remember, human psychology majorly depends on emotional behavior. A sense of missing something, urgent action, fun, excitement etc defines website conversion. Your eCommerce design consultant should advise and implement the following strategies to boost sales.

For Example

  • Limited Stock: Displaying updated stock availability not only ensures customer to make a relaxing purchase but also help them in making the right decision on time. A visitor is simply looking the product or searching similar type of products or coupons and deals, all varied distraction would be swept away by flashing the stock availability message with the products.
  • Limited Time: Fetching the favorite product is every user desire. Putting a deadline always inform buyers to get their product before deadline, to escape missing any deal. It is a best way to ask the potential customers, to buy the product immediately that boosts sales. Developing urgency on buying will let buyers to make instant decision before time runs out.
  • Big Saving: Who not wants to save big? Prompting a big discount message will sell everything. Companies put original cost price with the selling price together with the big savings that a customer is going to earn.
  • Urgent Delivery: Those shopping for an immediate delivery will consider buying from your website if getting facility to get their product delivered, when they required. Displaying delivering information lets users make decision instantly to get the product.
  • Free Shipping on Order Above..: No one ever wants to miss free shipping and it is one of the best option for eCommerce sites. Displaying free shipping information together with the maximum purchase amount, possess chances of increasing purchase. To fetch free shipping deal, users commonly add few more items to reach maximum purchase amount that automatically boost sales.
  • Refunds and Return: Customers prefer easy return policy and hassle free refunds. These are basic marketing tactics that adds credibility to your website. Such practice maximize client's satisfaction and boost sales. After all, customer is your boss, providing a user-friendly customer service with the easy refunds and return policies enforce your websites to build powerful customer relationship.

Text Psychology

We all know, text is king that what keep your customers with the website. No one is interested in reading long boring content without supporting images or pictures. Your eCommerce websites design should focus on making the content interactive by laying out proper content structure using bullet points, making bold headlines, interactive title that became a focus point for the readers. So, making your text user-friendly will keep users intact.

A user reads only 20% to 28% of website content. By presenting call to action information precise and more attentive by using different font types, colors and size will blast your message in few words easily.

Placement Psychology

A major impact on securing the website traffic is where the call to action buttons are placed. Your CTA button is the first step of converting visitor to customer. Using a right placement strategy helps in placing the button at the right place where it gets customer attention. Even today, most websites present more than one CTA button to establish connection with their customers. Such scenario demands proper placement with different colors for easy recognition. As customers focus on central information, therefore correct placement of these buttons are required to provoke customer action.

Additionally, designs of these buttons plays an important role in attracting customer to proceed further. Buttons with the curved edges and highlighted color gain customer focus. Customers mostly focus on curved edges rectangle in spite of squared corners. Design and Shape, together gain user attention and initiate a call to action resulting in conversion of eCommerce websites. Choosing an eCommerce design service that targets on customers action will help you significantly. Nowadays, websites offer different CTA buttons, therefore, keeping buttons identical secure customer's action on these websites.

Wrapping Up

After learning the above tactics, keep in mind various human psychological behavior to implement the best practices while designing your eCommerce website. Most importantly, understanding customer's objective and serving them with the appropriate products and a best online shopping experience will present you a reliable service providers and spread a positive impression among worldwide potential customers resulting in brand promotion.