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Life as a Freelance Web Developer: 5 Tips for Success

Successful freelance web developers all seem to follow a rather similar path, and they tend to advise others to do as they have done. First, they have a history of development and networking within their professional community; next they have continually improved their skills, keeping current with coding and other sub-skill sets; and third, they have what is often called an "entrepreneurial spirit" - that passion to be on their own and to be independently responsible for their own growth. Developers who are missing any of these elements are embarking on risky business as freelancers.

9 Considerations while Choosing the Best CMS for Your Business

Choosing the Best CMS for Your Business – 9 Considerations

The world of CMS is getting crowded. Choosing one to meet your business needs will depend upon what you need that system to do right now and what you anticipate you will need as you grow. Just like grocery shopping, you need to make a list - you don't want to buy stuff you don't need (there's lots of eye-candy out there); on the other hand, you need certain items in order to prepare the meals you have planned. While not comprehensive, here are 9 basic functionalities you will need to consider as you explore your options.

How To Make Your Web Design Efficient & User-Friendly ?

How To Make Your Web Design Efficient & User-Friendly?

Your website's success or failure or in other words lack of interest by users is solely determined by its usability - not the visual design. Since it is your user who clicks on the mouse or taps on his device to scroll through your website and take decisions, user-centric design is the main focus and standard approach when it comes to successful and web design that rakes in high amount of profits. After all, if users cannot use a feature or zoom into a certain section of your website, they might as well shun it away which is nothing but bad news for you and your iPhone app developers.

Top 7 Technology Trends in the Tradeshow Industry

Top 7 Technology Trends in the Tradeshow Industry

Engagement is a key buzzword when designing marketing strategies for tradeshow events. Technology features have become a major part of tradeshow displays for innovative exhibitors, helping to enhance recognition for brands, products, and companies. To help determine the best marketing investments for your next show, we created a list detailing seven of the top tech trends that are becoming tradeshow industry standards!

The Ultimate Web Designer’s Toolkit: 8 Resources Needed For Success

The Ultimate Web Designer’s Toolkit: 8 Resources Needed For Success

As a web designer, you know that it is a good idea to review your preferred tools every once in a while. By doing this, you can determine which tools are valuable to you, and which tools can be discarded. It's also a good idea to take the time to review tools that you haven't been using in order to determine if it's time to upgrade your toolkit for the next year. The following eight tools can be used by designers and their teams to assist them successfully perform many of the tasks required in the web design process. Check them out.

Top 10 Online Reputation Management Tips for your Brand

Top-notch brands invest a lot when it comes to the reputation management of their brand(s). Pick any brand you like and imagine all the hard work they have been through to establish the current reputation they have online. Why go far? Just look up yourself on Google and you will find a Facebook page, probably a LinkedIn account. There are also other sources that you may have not heard of but they have some information on you.

Best Tools for Online Collaboration

The best tools for online collaboration

The ability to cooperate is one of the primary factors that allowed human beings to climb right to the top of the evolutionary tree. There were others of course - big brains and opposable thumbs certainly helped - but the ability to work together, to collaborate, allowed us to achieve things that never would have been possible for solitary hunter-gatherers.

The advent of the Internet has changed the way most of us work and communicate. It has also opened up a host of new ways to collaborate.

Top Sites to Host Your Email with Your Own Domain In 2016

Email is the most important online service that we use today. Everyone has an e-mail account on Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff and Hotmail. It is your passport on the online space used to access to most apps and websites, but it's often neglected. Today, in the year 2016, there is no business without e-mail accounts. Almost a majority of large enterprises, mid-size businesses, non-profit organizations, public administrations and small businesses have their email address that contains the name of their business.

10 Desirable Mobile App Graphic Design trends for 2016

10 Desirable Mobile App Graphic Design trends for 2016

Do you belong from an app designing community? It's good to refer the desirable points related to the mobile app graphics design. Be aware of the predicated graphics design points which may rule during 2016. Forward thinking companies for App Graphics Designs make the attempts to deliver blasting designs that really work for user engagement. Mobile apps with interactive and user friendly design gain attention. Proficient designers predict the focus points for designers that are expected to be in trend during the year 2016.

Parse Back-end Service Shut Down for Mobile Development

[Parse Migration Services]

Facebook's declaration that it will be closing down its well known BaaS [Backend as a Service] Parse a month ago comes as an astonishment for the entire club of developers. For those having built traction of Parse applications, this news was met them as a shock. Luckily, Facebook had the insight to tantrum the news with this particular declaration that it will be likewise open-sourcing Parse's code out to the developer's club.