WordPress SEO Tips to Enhance E-commerce Store Sales

WordPress SEO Tips to Enhance E-commerce Store Sales

SEO is one of the most important things that a website needs to care about. And, why not? Without proper SEO, you will get fewer visitors from the search engines. The good news is if you are using WordPress, you will get excellent SEO support out of the box. In this article, we will focus on some useful SEO tips that can help you not only engage your audience and transforming them into successful buyers. Creating a loyal buyer is a hard, but it all starts with doing internal tweaks and analyzing the behavior of your audience and then using advanced techniques. So, without any delay, let's get started with the tips and techniques on how to enhance your E-Commerce sales by optimizing SEO.

1. Optimize eCommerce Content

The first step that you need to take care of is to optimize your eCommerce content. Google or any other search engine only values great SEO-optimized content. You need to create content that maintains Google SEO standards but also have the targeted keywords for your business. In short, the focus should be on what your potential customers are searching for. You may also want to look into long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are keywords that are long and consist of more than three or four keyword phases. So, how exactly a long-tail keyword looks like? Let's take a look at a couple of examples below.

  • How to build a blog
  • Small business ideas for women
  • Work from home ideas

2. Title tags and SEO plugin

Title tags play a crucial role in the exposure of your content or product. The title tag is the H1 tag of your page, post or product. It is the first thing that a search engine user sees. This makes it more important than anything else on your page. The title tag should be short and catchy. For SEO purposes, the title tag should also contain the targeted keyword. One easy way to manage title tags is to install good WordPress SEO plugins. We recommend the Yoast SEO plugin as it comes with all the key features that you will ever need to optimize your on-page SEO. You can learn more about on-page SEO at SEO Score Check.

3. SEO Text

Once you have optimized the title tags, it is now time to focus on the SEO text. The SEO text is the text that is shown just below the title tags. It can be used effectively to convey a short description of what the product or article has to offer. You can see it as the second chance to convince the reader to click on your link. Maybe you can tell them what the product provides or perhaps create a teaser of what they can get if they click on the link. The choice and execution all depend on you and your understanding of how SEO works. If you are not sure, it is always a good idea to hire an SEO expert and let him do it for you.

4. Blogging

The first point discussed the importance of optimizing your eCommerce content. However, there is one more way you can utilize content to push your eCommerce business, i.e., Blogging. To get started with blogging, you can add a dedicated blog to your online store and start writing informational articles. Try to always focus on solving readers problems and then redirect them to your store whenever applicable. This will give you a distinct advantage when compared to your competition. Let's go through an example to give you a clear idea. So, you are selling computer parts such as graphics cards, processors, and so on. In that case, writing about the following topics can help you reach your target audience.

  • Build your perfect gaming PC under $1200
  • What things to consider while buying a processor
  • X Product Review

5. Make your online store fast

Google doesn't like slow websites, and neither does the visitors. It works similar to the real world. For example, if you went into a store to get some snacks and you have to wait a long time to get it, you will probably move to another nearby shop to grab them. No one likes waiting, and it is true in both the online and real world. For an eCommerce website, the ideal time to load their website should be around three seconds. Anything above that and you will start losing valuable customers. There are tons of online guides that you can use to make your online store fast. For starters, you should always optimize your images and check if they exceed a certain size or not. You should also check the number of plugins installed on your website, and remove the unnecessary ones as it can easily make your website loading time slower. In short, if your website is fast, Google will acknowledge it and will ensure that your keywords rank higher on their search engine.

6. SEO Image Optimization

As you are running an eCommerce website, it is important to SEO optimize your images. Images are always considered the best way to make your products attractive. To optimize your images, you should always focus on filling the "alt" text for each image. You should also provide the context to the images whenever possible. The images alt text should also contain the keywords that you are targeting for. Combining all of these will make sure that the images are optimized, and will help you gain more traffic and sales in return. For an eCommerce website or online coupons websites like Promo Code Club, the stakes are even higher, as without proper SEO; it will become tough for them to sell services or products.


There are plenty of SEO tips that you can use to enhance your e-Commerce stores sales. However, we only listed six of them. These tips will make sure that your core WordPress SEO optimization is done correctly. If you think that we missed something and want to add, you are always welcome to comment below.