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By Susandaigle23, 22 November, 2018

To build a cohesive, effective, efficient workforce is the aim of every tiny to the big business owner. Recruiting the right employee is no cake walk or easy task, not to mention the extra pressures that tiny companies face. In a tiny company, every single employee is critical to the culture and growth of your business. So, how would you get to know if you have the right person for the job? Maybe skills are apt but what about the personality of the candidates you are recruiting?  You would agree that personalities are set.

By admin, 22 November, 2018

Facebook targeting changed the world of advertising forever, and it has lots of advantages for advertisers, but you have to be familiar with how the platform works in order to understand all the metrics and have successful campaigns. One of the risks you take when advertising to a specific audience is the so-called “Ad fatigue”. You might have noticed some ads appearing over and over again in your own newsfeed, making you feel like the brand is constantly following you.

By Susandaigle23, 21 November, 2018

Living in a digital age, animated content is now not only used in the entertainment industry but it is also gaining popularity as an effective marketing tool. The use of animations in video marketing conveys that the domain of animations is certainly very vast. From 2D animations to 3D content, you have countless options to choose from, however; many individuals have the perfect concept for their animation video but they do not know how to create one. For that purpose, the emergence of animation software and tools helped them produce quality content to befit their preferences.

By admin, 19 November, 2018

The growth of the global e-commerce industry presents a wealth of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs in possession of a great idea and a solid work ethic. However, many of these same enthusiasts quickly realize the difficulties that come with sourcing products and handling order fulfillment. This leads many entrepreneurs to consider a drop shipping model, meaning they sell products from wholesalers and ship to customers without physically handling the products at all.

By Susandaigle23, 14 November, 2018

You may have doubts when hiring professional design services, especially in terms of prices, so here are some very useful tips that you should take into account. To begin before contacting a design firm or a freelancer, you must start from the fact that every service is based on the hours that are required to carry out a project, therefore my advice is aimed at reducing the time that the designer occupies.

By Susandaigle23, 13 November, 2018

Logos stand as the paradox or puzzle instead. Though logos don’t directly influence the buyers, they play a key role in the identification of a company’s product or service. Logos can invoke feelings of the audience including the nostalgia for creating the trust or even provide them with euphoria. According to the researches, companies have to deal with a reduction in conversion and leads whenever they make amendments in the logo, representing the significance of a logo. Considering the significance of logos and brand, branding experts often claim that “if it is not broke, never fix it”.

By Susandaigle23, 12 November, 2018

With summer in full swing, it is normal for us to take some time to relax and enjoy the inviting climate. A situation that we can complement with other activities. How to improve our skills as designers. And that is precisely what we want to talk about in this article. As we say, it is a necessary good to take time to rest and recharge. But learning as designers must be continuous to keep us active and our skills are fresh.

By admin, 10 November, 2018

What is the future of learning? How will the future classes look like? Technology in education, is this only our dream? New hi-tech, such as cloud computing, augmented reality and 3D printing, pave the way for future in the education system. Anyway, we have something to push away from.

By admin, 10 November, 2018

In the fast-paced digital world, businesses are aiming to add videos in their marketing plans. When considering the business plans, we found interesting figures. According to stats, businesses achieve about 60 percent more chances to make conversions through including video animations in their marketing plan. When talking about what animation tool to count on, some fantastic video animation tools can help you make desirable videos.

By admin, 9 November, 2018

Web hosting industry is filled with numerous hosting solutions to support your website. Sometimes it is confusing which one to choose as there are so many hosting providers out there, promoting their plans. When you compare the prices of shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting, it may seem like a no-brainer to look up for the cheapest option. As a web agency, you realize that shared hosting is the most cost-effective solution for your online business.