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Looking for More Traffic ? Look at Your UX and UI

Looking for More Traffic ? Look at Your UX and UI

Traffic - continuous traffic - that’s what you want. Because you know that traffic results in conversions, and conversions result in sales. And the key to that traffic? Give the visitor a great experience. There is a lot of discussion about user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) and how these two things are separate and different, but here’s the thing: all of it boils down to the same thing. When visitor come to your site, how do they feel about it? How do they respond to it? Can they do what they want? Can they enjoy what they see? Can they get the information they want?

Responsive Web Design has Become the Essence for Businesses

Responsive Web Design

A responsive design is a technique that is followed across the world by the designers to build a website that can run on the variety of devices without losing its structure. Nowadays, business companies are adopting responsive web design to create attractive websites that run and look completely perfect across the range of user's screen without changing the code. Responsive web designs offer flexibility to the users to browse the same website over many devices with same features and flavors.

11 Important Tips to know before Developing a Mobile App

11 Important Tips to know before Developing a Mobile App

Do you have a great idea to develop a world class mobile app? Great, but how are you going to build it? What important factors you will consider while creating an app? These are the obvious questions you must ask yourself before making a decision to develop a smartphone app. Also, you should have a look at some statistics which will help you to understand how fast mobile world is growing.

Trends in the Online Travel Sector in the last decade

Trends in the online travel sector in the last decade

With the online revolution that seems to have gripped every corner of the globe, industries are increasingly acting to reap the many benefits of this phenomenon, and the travel industry has certainly not been left out. The challenge for the travel industry has always been to find the right markets and channel investment to ensure everyone benefits from the increased demand for global travel. To make the most of this you need to keep up with the changing technological trends. Innovations in technology have made it possible for travel companies to foster a more personal, connected and sustainable solution for catering to the needs of customers.

Drupal Gaming Website: The 4 Steps to Follow When Developing an iOS Game

Drupal Gaming Website: The 4 Steps to Follow When Developing an iOS Game

Game development is becoming the hottest thing today. It is a career; actually it has always been a career. The people who developed games like chess, checkers, scrabble and even the league games were highly respected. Nowadays though, game developers are considered geniuses because there is a healthy amount of computer knowledge that is needed to achieve that. People are making games every single day but only excellent ones become famous. Think of games like Angry Birds, Temple Run and Subway Surfers - these are games that have everyone across the world super excited.

Video and Mobile Games and Neuroplasticity: What is the Connection?

Video and Mobile Games and Neuroplasticity: What is the Connection? Video and app games and brain development

The issue of children and teenagers playing video games or mobile app games is still a very controversial one, with psychologists and parenting experts still trying to understand what works and what doesn’t. In a world dominated by video and mobile app games as a major source of entertainment for adults and children alike, one question begged to be asked: “do video and mobile games have a positive impact on peoples’ cognitive skills, or do they indeed melt their brains?”

How to Avoid 12 Common UX Mistakes

How to Avoid 12 Common UX Mistakes

In a world where we’re all focused on providing the best user experience to drive up our sales and subscriptions, it becomes easy to overlook even the tiniest bit of detail that made the difference. Whether you are designing for the web or for the mobile, here are some of the worst and most common UX mistakes you can make that could bomb all your efforts on a much-awaited project. Avoid these common pitfalls if you want to be successful with your first web or app development project.

Biggest Web Design Changes that can make a Difference

The Biggest Web Design Changes that can make a Difference

Designing an effective website is tough and several businesses are in loggerheads to create a website that makes money. Instead of viewing their website as their own identity and a marketing venue, they treat sites to be just their online placeholders. This approach never results in more leads. Web design is usually handled by third parties who are never in the know about the brand or the company image. They just start to create a templated design based on the latest design principles.

Here are some web design changes that can make a real difference to your web identity.

10 latest web design trend for Wordpress for 2016

Design Trends

Any latest fashion of WordPress gets updated as faster as a wind blow. Sometimes, it's 20px drop-shadows, sometimes designer putting ribbons on each span of textured backdrop, they can discover. For number of blogger first preference, WordPress always been a top choice, for its rich content and presentation. It is becoming more significant, with every passing days, with simple plugin for converting mobile! Now you must be thinking, what made WordPress so popular?

Freelance Developer Guide to Invoicing and Contracts

When you are working as a freelance developer, you obviously know your way around the world of technology. However, you may not be quite as hot at getting your business affairs organized and keeping everything up to date. It can be a tricky line to walk between being well organized but still managing to keep your developer's creativity moving forward and being constantly renewed. When you first set up, you should have a sound organizational plan in place, and there are many good reasons for this as will be discussed below.