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Creating a native iOS and Android mobile app for WordPress

Over the years, the web development scenario has completely changed. As the number of mobile users is growing, developers are switching from web development to mobile application. Today, there is a mobile application for almost everything. No matter if you are an iOS, Android or Window user, you can download a myriad of mobile applications on your phone for various purposes. If you're a WordPress owner and planning to build a mobile application to serve your mobile users, you are at the right place. In this post, we will learn how to create an iOS/Android mobile app for WordPress.

Major trends to follow for an outstanding web development in 2018

The year 2018 is expected to bring major tech developments and trends. With the astonishing rise of technology, sci-fi, mixed reality, and development methodologies on upsurge, it is not a surprising fact that all the businesses have to enhance their business strategies. We all know that having an online presence is extremely significant for any company or organization, it is equally important for the web and app development companies to introduce and practice the trends that are helpful in changing the perspective of any business.

The 20 UNIX Linux Sysadmin Tutorials

The 20 UNIX Linux Sysadmin and the Tutorials guide actually presents a collection of the common issues and also useful for the Linux system administration. No matter you are new to system admin or to have been construction the systems for some kind of the time and it is also hoped collection of basic of commands will help you manage and the system from the line of the command we use to the betterment of safety and security management.

How to Make Your Product Pages More Compelling

Your home page, contact page, and other primary website pages are all important to give users a sense of what your brand is, and why it matters. But there are few pages more important to an online retailer than the specific pages showing off your core products. These are your opportunities to help users understand exactly what you offer and, if you use the right design, compel them to move forward with a purchase.

2 Reasons To Display Your Company Values To Your Visitors

You've got a great product or service, but do your customers know who you are and what you stand for? Consumers want to know more than the date of your next big sale. They want to know who you are, and that information should be built into your website as a core values statement. Your company was founded on something beyond the actual product, and that's what consumers want to know. What do you believe in? What social issues do you support? What values do you hold within the company? What are you committed to?

5 Web Tools Everyone In The Web Design Industry Should Be Using

Every trade has their tools and web development is no exception. We live in a world where people's attention is short-lived and fickle - therefore, using everything you can to keep them engaged and ensure your web design is optimised is key. The web tools available to web designers can help speed up websites, improve how they are used, develop their design, learn more about an audience, include greater features, and boost search engine optimisation. So which five web tools should everyone in the web design industry be using ?

Is it time to migrate your website to HTTPS ?

Is it time to migrate your website to HTTPS ?

The credibility of your website depends upon the addition of a single 's' in the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http). It basically indicates that your website is secure and gives the visitor on your website a sense of security that the website is safe. HTTPS is particularly useful where users have to enter their personal details such as bank account details, and contact details in the website as it adds a security layer to the protocol by encrypting the transfer of resources. There are several benefits of having an HTTPS in your website such as:

6 Best PHP Frameworks for Modern Web Developers in 2018

PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages globally. Using this, developers can create complex websites and applications. Due to its popularity and wide adoption, there are several PHP coding software platforms available today. The framework allows the coder to focus on specific tasks and functionality while it builds the generic components. Let's take a look at the best PHP frameworks for this year.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Site in 10 Free Steps

The most visitors come to the site from search engines. What is more, they come from the several first positions. And only some people can look through the second and the third page of SERP. Website owners understand that traffic on sites is their income. That's why everybody is trying to increase the amount of the site visitors and hit SERP's TOP-10. In this post, I'll tell you how you can improve your site's ranking and increase traffic in 10 free and easy steps. Follow them and don't forget about your brand image.

Secret of Running a Successful Blog on Drupal

Secret of Running a Successful Blog on Drupal

Drupal is undeniably one of the best content management systems that you will find anywhere on the planet today. There are so many other content management systems that are available for your selection like WordPress and Joomla, but Drupal is significantly different from these two. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform though. It has millions and millions of sites created on it. The same is the case with Drupal. It is quickly becoming a trend setter; thanks to the quality of service that it provides. With Drupal, you are guaranteed to get quality service.