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8 Ingredients to Improve Content on Your Website

Content is king, they say, when it comes to both marketing and higher search rankings. No website is complete without it, but content appears in varying levels of quality. You might place useful and interesting material on each web page and on your blog, but is that enough to drive conversions and improve the overall caliber of your website? Content on your site is an all-encompassing marketing tool. It's often the primary factor that inspires purchasing behavior. For that reason alone, it should transcend the material in a typical blog.

Eight Ways to Increase the Speed Performance of Your Drupal Site

Drupal is a leading CMS used in powering all kinds of websites including company, government, organization and information sites. When it comes to having your own business, many people prefer Drupal over WordPress because it provides much more features including security and scaling. The most important thing in your Drupal site is the speed performance. As more posts are being added and your Drupal site becomes more complex, the load speed can slow down and this can cause frustrations to the visitors who are browsing your site. To give your visitors the best experience, you should take the following 8 steps to optimize your Drupal speed performance.

7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Website Builder for Your Needs

If you've spent some time looking around for website builders, you've probably noticed that there are a plethora of options available. Popular options include GoDaddy, Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace, though these only represent the tip of the iceberg. Although Wix is often automatically selected by most people, you should also compare GoDaddy and Weebly. When you look at objective reviews and ratings, GoDaddy ranks very well. This is due, in large part, to the affordable plans and reliable brand name that's backed by around the clock support.

Smartphone Friendly Business

Smartphone Friendly Business

Are you a marketing strategist, business owner, or perhaps you are a marketing manager? The fact of the matter is that if your business is not smartphone-friendly, or it does not attract the generation of people who do everything on their smartphones, your sales will suffer. The worst-case scenario will be that, if you don't make sure that your business is smartphone friendly, you could end up having to close down your business. Statistics show that in 2016, 77% of Americans owned a smartphone, and that number is increasing every year.

The Internet Entrepreneur: Leveraging the World Wide Web for Monetary Gain

Entrepreneurship is defined as the ability and zeal to start up, organise, and manage a new business venture along with all of its associated risks to make a profit. It should be noted at this juncture that it is not easy to be a successful entrepreneur. As the quotation mentioned above by Steve Jobs notes, the most successful entrepreneurs can persevere and not give up when times are tough, and businesses fail.

Oberlo Review: A Free App for Automating Your Dropshipping Process for Your Shopify Store

The rave of the moment in ecommerce world is Dropshipping - it's on everyone's lips and everyone wants to get on the ship. What's it about this ecommerce model that's attracting so much attention and pulling people to it? Firstly, it's the apparent ease of setting up: with a small initial investment and research, you'd be running your own dropshipping store in a matter of hours.

How Can Business Intelligence Software Benefit Your E-Commerce Store ?

Business Intelligence (BI) Software isa specialized piece of software designed to automatically analyze business data and provide businesses with a quick and easy way to identify any weaknesses in a business's workflow. This is invaluable for businesses that are looking to grow rapidly and is an effective defense against over expansion, helping business owners to continuously monitor their performance as they grow. Business intelligence software serves a variety of functions and the range of uses it has make it a worthwhile investment for any business owner.