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WordPress, Joomla and Drupal - Which one is more Search Engine Friendly ?

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal - Which one is more Search Engine Friendly ?

Search engine friendliness is a term that is mostly confused with Search Engine optimisation. To settle the dust, search engine friendliness has more to do with components of Content Management systems. On the other hand, search engine optimisation digs further into the applications of these components including images, contents, and layouts.

To have a deeper insight of search engine friendliness, we will review three commonly used open source Content Management Systems; Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. In summary, this comparison focuses on:

Detailed Analysis on Mobile Apps Usage

App Development Industry

A report released by comScore contains some interesting numbers that tell the world about the importance of mobile apps and how people are so addicted to them. A normal user spends a large amount of time on a smartphone, this thing is becoming a habit. Now the situation is so out of control that a smartphone user can live without food a day but can't live without the smartphone. The following analysis totally describes human behaviours and the consciousness of a user towards the app and smartphone.

How to design a website for a specific target audience ?

How to design a website for a specific target audience?

The importance of productive and mind blowing website cannot be underestimated by any means because this is an amazing way of appealing target audiences attentions. Therefore, in order to develop a website that could satisfy and fulfill the demands of the target audience or visitors, first of all, it is highly recommended to understand your target customers in an appropriate manner. Therefore, there are some assumptions through which target audiences could be effectively identified. These assumptions are discussed as follows:

Technological Innovations in Personal Finance

Technological innovations and Change in Managing our Money

Technology has had a huge impact on pretty much every aspect of how we lead our lives today. The way we work, the way we socialize and the way we communicate can all now be somehow facilitated by the diverse range of technological innovations available to us. So much so that we tend to take a lot of it for granted and quickly forget how inconvenient it used to be to complete certain tasks before we had such access. One area that has been changed almost beyond recognition is the way we manage our money.

Mastering Your Keyword Search Strategy

Mastering Your Keyword Search Strategy

Mastering the keyword search strategy involves really going beyond the Google Keyword Planner and doing some intuitive research about your target audience. Despite its great utility in coming up with words related directly to your search item, the Google Keyword Planner has its limitations. For instance, it does not produce words that may not be directly related to your search item, but are still likely to be in the mind of your target audience.

10 Awesome Attributes of a successful Designer

10 Awesome Attributes of a successful Designer

The art of web designing is very dynamic and demanding, therefore, there are so many other aspects that must be taken into consideration by new or potential designers. This is an important aspect to observe because most designers do not know about their tangible skills and, as a result, they lack the intensity or edge over other designers. These tangible skills are concerned and associated with the personality and communication skills of every designer. Therefore, the attributes other than web designing should also be known and examined by the designers in an appropriate manner.

Simple Tips to Minimize Ads Conversion Leak


In 2015, ad blocking was estimated to cost publishers around $22 billion. With over 198 million active adblock users around the world, the struggle of bloggers and publishers to turn a profit from earning money through display ad revenue is becoming a huge uphill struggle. Many become disheartened with the way their revenue plummets despite churning out so much quality content all because of users that choose to install ad blocking software or plugins.

Tips for preparing effectively for the mock examination

Tips for preparing effectively for the mock examination

Mocks are the pre-exams that students face before their final exams. These exams are a kind of dummy exams and are held in the same situation like the real ones. The purpose of these exams is to prepare students for the final exams. If you do well in your mocks examination, then there are better chances of your excelling in the final exams as well. Know about how to prepare well for the mocks below.

5 Security Modules to Protect your Drupal Website

5 Security Modules to Protect Your Drupal Website

Drupal is quickly becoming popular among those web developers who usually prefer to have more security features for their content management systems. Frequent updates of Drupal have made it a more secure option and Drupal’s Community of expert developers from all around the world has also been playing a major role in making it a more popular CMS by contributing variety of modules as well as themes which allow users to enjoy unlimited free features for their websites.

How Color Influences Website Usability ?

Color and User Experience

When designing, color is used as a subliminal tool to evoke certain emotions and connotations. It would be a natural assumption that these color references are recognized worldwide; however, there are actually wide variations between cultures and the meanings assigned to different colors. This is particularly important when designing your website for an international audience. It is necessary to pay attention to the target market as a simple mistake of including a color with negative associations could influence the success of the design.