Gadgets that Can Make the Developer's Work Much Faster

"Time is money" is the phrase that has been famous for almost 250 years after Benjamin Franklin used it in "Advice to a Young Tradesman". Without a doubt, today, it is truer than ever since you can hardly find a successful businessman, a programmer, a developer, or any other specialist, who has taken his best position by doing his job slowly and ineffectively. Indeed, if you want to succeed, your work should be of the highest quality and done quickly.

Well, while the quality of your job depends mostly on your professionalism, desire to improve your skills following the progress; the speed of your work is the part of our work that we can improve with the help of modern gadgets and some practical advice from professionals. Unfortunately, not all of us can manage time wisely, so this is where the tech progress helps us out. In addition to a powerful hardware, there are a lot of useful gadgets that make most of our daily tasks simpler and faster so that we could pay the most of our attention to more important objectives.

1. A larger screen is always a better choice

Unfortunately, a highly powerful computer is not the only thing that guarantees you comfortable and quick work. If your job involves programming, game developing, etc., having a large monitor with the highest quality of a picture is essential. Besides, in some cases, working on two monitors at a time can be very effective.

2. Simpler decision making

Have you ever spent a lot of time on making a very simple decision about what to have for lunch, for example? Psychologists say that the problem of such hesitation is in the increased variety of options we get. It makes it harder to choose since there are many appealing choices. The great news is that today, we have special gadgets that can solve this problem for us. Decision-making devices help us face "yes-no" dilemmas or highlight the best options according to preset parameters. Of course, many decisions need your attention, but entrusting more banal ones will save you much time for more important things.

3. Track it down

If you are one of those people who always forget where their stuff is, this device is irreplaceable for you. Most of trackers use radio frequency with a transmitting unit and receivers that you need to attach to the thing, you may lose and need to find quickly. With such a gadget, finding your keys, for instance, in your bag, table, or at your working area will be much quicker.

4. On-the-go charging

Unfortunately, the batteries in our mobile phones tend to discharge when we need them most. Even if you charge your gadget at night, you have no guarantees that it won't fail you the next day. Luckily, you can solve this problem in two ways. You can either use a quick charge turning your phone in the airplane mode or opt for a capacious power bank. Talking about the second option, the best model can power up your smartphone and any USB enabled device pretty quickly. Plus, you can charge it on-the-go while talking with your client, for instance. Isn't that great?

5. Faster typing

Alternative keyboard layout is the analogue of the standard QWERTY keyboard. Despite that the traditional model has won its place and became the standard one for all PCs, laptops, etc. the supporters of its alternative argue that the analogue keyboard is much convenient to use. It is ergonomic, user-friendly, and has special location of the keys. For example, some engineers locate vowels at one place thus saving you keystrokes. Some go further and separate the keys into groups and then locate them on different sides of a number pad. Although, the traditional keyboard has much more supporters, there are users who claim that alternative keyboards are simpler to learn and faster in use. Anyway, the decision is up to you which one to use. However, since its main task is to help you type faster, we would recommend you try both of them and select the best for you.

6. Without needless wires

If you often send files from your PC to your smartphone or tablet, the fastest Bluetooth adapter is the device that will save you tons of time. Connect such a device to your computer, link it with your smart device, and get any file wirelessly in less than no time.

7. Get your personal assistant

No, we are not talking about an assistant who you will need to pay. We are talking about your own voice-enabled assistant suchlike Siri, Amazon Echo and Dot, or Cortana. The choice is quite wide as well as the options it offers. The best with such devices though, you don't need to waste time on ordering takeout, controlling light or any other smart device, or call a taxi. You can stay concentrated on your work tasks calmly; your personal assistant will take care of everything else.

8. A good tablet is worth a lot

Actually, there are many office tasks that you can do on-the-go or in parallel with other ones. A tablet is the device that contributes to such a convenient work a lot. For example, you can finish your projects while travelling by plane or in the train, during your morning coffee if you have inspiration, or in a taxi while going home. Basically, when it comes to portability, a high-quality tablet is what you really need.

9. Make coffee without distracting from your work

Are you a coffee enthusiast and your day won't start well without a cup of a great delicious coffee? A smarter coffee maker is probably the best invention for people who don't have time to make themselves a nice cup of coffee. Why is it great? Well, it allows you to make coffee distantly with the help of your smartphone. All you need for that is the app.

Truly, there are many things you can do to take your work to a new, better level. Positively, having the latest gadgets is one of such things. But there are many other tricks you can do. For example, psychologists recommend planning your week and day in advance; this increases the chance that you will follow your plan. Plus, crossing out the accomplished tasks from your list can give you more confidence, and the most importantly, you can see the exact time you spend on a task and what you can do to improve it.

It is also a good idea to make breaks for about 15 minutes every few hours during the day. This helps you relax and get off the task. One might think that this is a waste of time, but actually, such small breaks let you look at the problem from the other side and find its solution faster.