10 Best JavaScript Minifying Tools

10 Best JavaScript Minifying Tools

JavaScript minification is utilized by many of the production websites, but it has its own technique to compress your scripts into very smaller tracks. JavaScript is intended mainly for your respective browsers, instead of your users. Web developers get tremendous benefit from the best JavaScript minifying tools in order to execute distinct difficult tasks successfully, thus sparing your efforts and important time.

The enhanced JavaScript minifying tools assist the developers in their development tasks, and also help in improving the coding. For making the coding shorter, the JavaScript minifying tool is applied for eradicating unwanted space, unnecessary comments, white space comments, and new line comments from the source code. Mentioned below are the 10 best JavaScript minifying tools that the developers can use for minifying JavaScripts.

1. JSMin


By using the JSMin JavaScript minifying tool, unnecessary comments and whitespace from the JavaScript files can be eliminated quickly. The file size will gradually lessen to half size, paving way to rapid downloads. There is also a sudden boost of more communicative programming style as it removes the downloading price of fresh, literary self-documents.

2. YUI Compressor

YUI Compressor

Known to be a command-line tool printed in Java and expanded by Yahoo, the YUI Compressor can help you in minifying the JavaScript files quickly. Compared to other different tools, YUI Compressor is 100% secure and gives in an elevated compression ratio.

3. Packer


Packer is a well-known JavaScript minifying tool that crafts a compacted version of your code manually. The developer has to paste in the code and click on the Pack button. Packer tool can even set out much ahead of usual compaction of script.

4. Google Closure Compiler

Google Closure Compiler

Another JavaScript minification tool is Google Closure Compiler for formulating the JavaScript to download and run extremely quicker. It is a real compiler from JavaScript towards a superior JavaScript. This tool compiles your JavaScript, evaluates it, eradicates the dull code, rewrites them, and also diminishes the leftovers. It even verifies the syntax, changeable suggestions, and also notifies regarding JavaScript drawbacks.

5. Dojo ShrinkSafe

Dojo ShrinkSafe

With the use of the rhino library, the Dojo ShrinkSafe resolves the JavaScript and further munches the local variable names. The size of your scripts can be naturally trimmed down, thus relying on your program style. As ShrinkSafe will not amend a public variable, it signifies that the developer can plunge the compacted version of a JavaScript into the pages without even modifying the code which applies it.

6. JSCompress.com


JSCompress.com is great online JavaScript compressor tools that can easily compress and minify your JavaScript files by lessening file size by almost 30 to 90%. Thus the additional whitespace characters and comments can be eliminated; script performance time will be speedier; faster downloading times for your users; and lessened bandwidth use of your website.

7. AjaxminUi


AjaxminUi can superbly minify all your JavaScript files in a folder as well as nested folders. It can even minimize the individual JavaScript files; charge the minifier in the background; analyze the productivity of minifier, and open up the productive folder when the minifier ends.

8. JavaScript Optimizer

JavaScript Optimizer

JSO can effortlessly administer your JavaScript as well as CSS sources. It can even lessen the data that is moved between server and the client. JavaScript can do few good performances such as cache optimization; combining of JavaScript files by minifying; and supplying CSS files.

9. DigitalOverload Tool

DigitalOverload Tool

The DigitalOverload JavaScript minifier is the most frequently used tool which can smoothly minify your JavaScript files. This minifier can also remarkably provide unique, tactical and well-prepared solutions.

10. Gulp Tool

Gulp Tool

Gulp JavaScript tool includes JS minification applying Uglify.js all the way through gulp-uglify. The developers can easily apply the gulp tool, thus keeping the JavaScript files extremely simple, and creating the complicated tasks convenient. They can provide great charge over the automation jobs. This is a better command line tool that can quickly save the web developer's important time when they require minifying the script with no setting of projects. This JavaScript tool is magnificently flexible and simple during their huge documentation.

Hence, the above JavaScript minification tools will surely build your scripts smaller to the extent of 20% and even perk up your code's presentation. The function of the above minification tools is also to enhance the websites' speed.

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