The Powerful Video Animation Tools for Businesses in 2019

By admin, 10 November, 2018
The Powerful Video Animation Tools for Businesses in 2019

In the fast-paced digital world, businesses are aiming to add videos in their marketing plans. When considering the business plans, we found interesting figures. According to stats, businesses achieve about 60 percent more chances to make conversions through including video animations in their marketing plan. When talking about what animation tool to count on, some fantastic video animation tools can help you make desirable videos. In this article, we are going to reveal the most powerful and easy to use animation tools that will help businesses in creating engaging videos, attracting more visitors.

Why Do You Need Video Animation Tools ?

If you are thinking about why exactly you need video animation tools, then answer is simple; videos have proven to trigger emotions in human being. Having said, no other marketing tool can beat the benefits offered by video animation. With the help of including video animation in your marketing plan, you can deliver the brand message to the customers, and make more sales respectively. However, you should remember that different video animation software offer diverse features, and can help in delivering better customer satisfaction. Many companies are including video animation in their digital marketing strategy due to outstanding results.

There are various premium animation tools available in the market. However, limited budget is something that stops the fans from using their favorite animation tool. We understand the mere frustration that fanatics face when they desire to build a logo using a popular animation tool and the wallet-burdening plans put them off. Fortunately, now you can use promo codes and avail discount on the Animation tools, and enjoy building the logo of your dreams while saving much on your pockets.

Best Video animation tools to use in 2019

1. PowToon

PowToon is a remarkable animation tool that offers great opportunity to create fantastic animated videos. Users can build great videos and animation templates through using PowToon. This tools offers compelling animation features that be befitting to individual business types. Right now, PowToon offers about three package plans along with a free version.

2. Animaker

Animaker is a reliable animation tool that offers great features including infographic. It allows storing data on cloud. Animaker enables the users to highlight stats in a compelling way. It holds a proven record to enhance businesses’ conversions. This animation tool offers appealing templates and great audio effect, enabling the businesses to develop videos with the brink of an eye. But, the video can’t be longer than a couple of minutes. Also, the software comes as a free version and subscribers can pay for the exclusive version any time.

3. Renderforest

Renderforest stands as the robust video animation tool with a broad range of useful features. Users can leverage the logo animations, slideshows, explainer animations, and derive engagement to business. The software is free and enables the users to build videos in superior quality. Users get an opportunity to pick from various animation templates, and advertise business effectively. The animation tool comes with multiple customization templates, enabling the businesses to create videos for invitation, explainer, and promotion purposes. The software is light on the pocket and offers a wide range of animation features.

4. Animatron

Animatron is a suitable animation solution that allows the businesses to create appealing animations. The software is offered as 2 platforms. The Animation Wave offers social media video building with exclusive share option. On another hand, the Animatron Studio provides the users with a feature to create explainer videos along with video animations and banners. Though, various video animation tool can serve the purpose, but the Animatron offers leading-edge features to create fantastic video animations. We conducted an in-depth research, examined users’ reviews, and found that Animatron offers the best options to create enticing animations.

5. Go Animate

Go Animate is a perfect animation solution to create captivating video animations in a shortest span of time. Go Animate doesn’t require investment on a graphics designer and illustrator. Having said, the software is easy-to-use, and users can understand every features just after creating several videos. The tool offers great templates, providing users with handy features to create, download, and host videos.
Businesses belonging to different industries can derive engagement through using the Go Animate software. The software provides users with the useful editing features. Users can find the three package plans for Go Animate.

6. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is renowned animation tool that offers well-rounded suit of features. Users can create videos through utilizing useful animation features. In addition, the Windows Movie maker provides users with simple, sleek, and easy-to-use options. The Windows Movie Maker allows users to share the finished videos on different social media platforms. In addition, this software provides users with quality audio effects and elite animation features. The developers working at the leading companies like Video Animation INC use Windows Movie Maker due to handy features.

7. Moovly

Moovly is a great animation software that offers interactive video creation features. Users can animate, develop, and share videos easily through using Moovly. Moovly is a competitive video creation tool that provides users with an opportunity to create compelling videos with ease. Subscribers have reported to find Moovly as the easy-to-use video creation software that enables them to create fantastic visual presentations and explainer videos. However, Moovly is a premium animation software and requires users to pay for exclusive features.

8. Prezi

Prezi is a fan- favorite video creation software. It utilizes zoom and motion features, assisting the users to create fabulous videos. In the 2012, the Prezi released creative presentation features that enabled the users to include fade and 3D effects in the videos. This software helps the professionals in building remarkable presentations through leveraging cutting-edge animation features. Recently, Prezi has released the Prezi Next, and offers three package plans respectively.

9. Google Web Designer

The Google Web Designer stands as the freemium tool to build HTML 5 designs with motion graphics that are playable on different devices. The company has announced about the updated version that will offer great features. Google Web Designer requires no coding, and helps the businesses to create seamless video animations.

10. Explee

Explee is the leading-edge video animation tool that is capable to create appealing videos. The tool has proven to help businesses in deriving more engagement. Subscribers can leverage the power of useful animation templates offered by the Explee. The tool is a cloud-based software that runs on tablet, smartphone, desktop, and laptop. Explee provides users with option to create video, make animation, presentation, invite member, and do much more. Explee stands as the effective solution to create promotional videos for businesses.


So far, we have revealed the best video animation tools. These tools have helped various small, mid, and enterprise level businesses in creating video animations. If you know about more video animation software, feel free to mention.