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6 Important Things Every Ecommerce Landing Page Needs

Landing pages are designed to convince visitors of an ecommerce site to grab a few items and head to the checkout window. They're used for marketing purposes and link-building campaigns, and when well-designed, they can increase your conversions by leaps and bounds. Despite their importance, ecommerce landing pages are often neglected. These pages could catapult sales, but business owners either don't know how to design a good page or they're unaware of the value of doing so.

Technologies that will change the Contact Center in 2019 forever

Technologies that will change the Contact Center in 2019 forever

Despite the digitalization of companies, when we call some we like that on the other side is a person to solve our problems. With companies increasingly "online" and with less physical presence, the Contact Center is and will remain a key part of its strategy in 2019 and looking to the future.

3 Reasons to Design Your Website on WordPress

Businesses in all niches face plenty of competition. And that is why it's important to create marketing campaigns that specifically cater to different sectors in the world of commerce. Indeed, startups and veteran brands will have to position themselves effectively to get more customers as well as broaden their influence. But what's the best way for law firms to market themselves and increase their competitiveness?

Starting a Virtual Phone Business in Brazil

Starting a Virtual Phone Business in Brazil

Starting a business in Brazil requires research along with several steps for setup and interaction with a number of government agencies. If you do not speak Portuguese, you may need to enlist the help of a translator, as well as the help of a local accountant and legal representation. In starting a business in Brazil, you may not necessarily have to incorporate. If you are already operating a foreign business, you may be able to register the existing business in Brazil.

Modern technologies in action - mobile applications for life

You can develop an application for almost anything. In the field of mobile devices in the past few years, there has been a real breakthrough. The world has captured new technologies, and this has greatly expanded the potential audience of application users. The applications themselves bring new opportunities for work and entertainment to the world of useful devices (phones and smartphones), and the uninterrupted and round-the-clock search of the Internet provides free instant messaging of text messages, video and music files.

5 Functions Of Highly Effective Ecommerce Websites

The best ecommerce websites are highly effective because they utilize the top functions along with website design priorities. As a developer, ecommerce companies pose as great business opportunities for you. More and more entrepreneurs establish ecommerce businesses on a daily basis. Those entrepreneurs turn to developers for startup assistance.

How to Find a Job in the Tech Field after Graduating

After spending years working hard to get a tech degree, you're ready to head across the stage and pick up your diploma so you can be on your way to securing a degree in your field. However, if you've never worked a tech job and you're just finishing up your degree, you may wonder where to start your job search. While the job market is good and you shouldn't be too concerned about finding a job, you should still take measures to help you execute a successful job search so you can start working sooner rather than later.

Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Hardly anyone will argue that social media is not part of our daily lives. But while regular people do not take full advantage of what platforms like Facebook or Instagram have to offer, businesses tend to make sure that their presence on such platforms is as big as possible. Not having the right website means that you are less likely to see any success, but the same can be said about social media.

Using Technology to Improve Your Employee Team Training

Using Technology to Improve Your Employee Team Training

Keeping employees engaged and satisfied with their work is key to the long-term success of any business. In fact, engagement leads to a number of concrete benefits, including higher individual and team productivity, longer retention, and higher levels of commitment to your business's mission, to name a few. Engagement is a multi-faceted concept, but one thing that will certainly help overall engagement is extended education and training opportunities.