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13 Common Wordpress Mistakes that Designers Should Avoid

Today, every other web professional is familiar with WordPress at one or the other level. Some are highly proficient WordPress developers while others just know it as a well-known and trending blogging application. WordPress offers an excellent platform and exciting themes to build astonishing websites. But, despite all these options, several mistakes are made by its users, especially amateur ones. These errors can lead to effects which can vary from minor to disastrous. Here is a list of some mistakes that are often made by designers and users of this application.

Pumpic Mobile Monitoring Review: Insights that Help to Protect

The issue of ensuring kids safety online is today on the front burner for many parents. It's not surprising as over 90% of minors in the US own or have access to Internet-enabled handheld devices. As a result, children in average spend 9 hours a day on digital media, according to the research by Common Sense Media. Out of this mind-boggling amount of time, over 5 hours relate to the Internet-associated activities.

Cybersecurity Threats seen during Q1 2017 for Windows, MacOS and Android

Cybersecurity Threats

Even in the 21st century, people are entirely unaware of the functioning of the various malware that leads to cyber crimes. These Malwarebytes can quickly invade and destroy your system. With cybercrime on the increase, the lack of knowledge can put you at a serious risk. In such a situation it's advisable to learn about the various malware that is quite dangerous and pose a potent threat to your cyber security. Here are a few points that you need to know about the malware so that you can take precautionary steps to protect yourself from the sabers of cyber crime.

Backup your IOS Devices Before Upgrading to iOS 10.3

Backup your IOS Devices Before Upgrading to iOS 10.3

Apple has released iOS 10.3 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In all these years this is the first time Apple is changing the file system. This is certainly a big step where the file system is changed from HFS+ to Apple File System. The Apple File System is up with various improved features which consist of the encryption system, a much-improved file time stamping, along with it better storage system. Though the current version is equipped with the beta testers, so there is nothing to worry.

WP Job Board Review: Create a Job Portal Within Minutes

WordPress Job Board Plugin

What's the most obvious thing which fantasizes us every single minute, hour and a day? Well, it is attaining an ideal, promising and affluent phase in life where having a grand house, expensive car and bank balance seems to become the modern thing. Yes, these are the desires and aspirations which we have, and importantly a high-paying job is what we dream for attaining this remarkable phase in life as well.

Tips on using Instagram as a Social Media Marketing Tool

Expert Tips on Effectively Using Instagram As a Winning Social Media Marketing Tool

By now, digital marketers have understood how to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to do business and brand promotions, but have you ever explored Instagram effectively for this purpose? Instagram is identified as a fast-growing and flexible platform now, and many companies are keen on establishing a winning presence on this platform for better user engagement.

For the purpose of this article, we have interviewed some social media experts who shared some of the hottest 2017 Instagram tips, which we have listed out below.

Keep an Eye Out for Opportunities to Guide Your Teen to Safety

monitoring software for smartphones and tablets

The modern parent is presented with tools which can make things easier, but they can also make things more complicated than they should be. When things seem to get complicated, it is usually a good idea to try and keep things simple as progress is slowly made through the weeds. In the non-stop orderly chaos that turns days into weeks into months and then years, it is important to keep things in perspective, but also still keep an eye on all the details.

Top 10 Smartphone Apps You Must Have On Your Phone If You are A Student

student smart phone apps

You stare at your phone's screen while you are commuting on the train. You're glued to it when your professor's giving a lecture on post-modernity. Heck, you even take it to the loo with you and your phone is the first thing you see in the morning as well as the last thing before you hit the sack.