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Security and IOT: How to Lock Down Your Devices

How secure is your device? That's a question that you need to ask yourself throughout the time you own it. Are you able to use your device without having to worry about your data being compromised? So many people operate under the assumption that their devices are safe, even when they have done nothing to make them safe. The truth of the matter is that securing IOT with Trend Micro is a continuous process. As more devices are introduced into the marketplace, keeping everything safe become far more complicated. Your efforts to maintain a high level of security need to expand as you bring more devices into the fold.

From History of Web Application Development

Web applications are important for the development of the Internet. They improve the quality of a browser's work and the entire Internet can function plainly. What is a web application? It is a client-software application run by the client in a browser. The main function of a browser is to show the information received from a server and send the user's data back. The main advantage of this approach is the fact that clients do not depend on the user' specific operating system; therefore, web applications are cross-platform services.

The Absolute Design Guide for Website's Conversion Rates

The Absolute Design Guide for Website's Conversion Rates

Websites need to be appealing, sure, but is that the only factor that matters? Most certainly, no. It is because the entire purpose of a website is to convert traffic into lead-form submissions, sales, physical-locations visits and whatever fits the business needs. If these actions aren't working too well for you then revenue is a long shot from where you are standing right now. Conversions are what generate revenue for the business.

10 Crucial Tactics to write Catchy Landing Page Title

catchy title on landing page

Landing page title often defines the effectiveness of the whole page. It is quite simple: if it doesn't catch your potential client's attention, he or she won't go to the page and won't even read your offer. They will just continue surfing the web until they find something catchier and more interesting. That is why you need to pay special attention to creating it. There are several aspects you need to take into account while creating your title.

Useful Website Design and Development Tools for Beginners and Professionals

Useful Website Design and Development Tools for Beginners and Professionals

Designing, coding, encoding and developing a website is a very difficult task. The web design and development tool make it easier for the developers. The internet has revolutionized almost every field of life. Be it education, business or communication, etc. the internet has made things easy and simple. It has provided a platform for people where they can easily communicate with other people, no matter in which part of the world they live. They can get education online as the internet provides them an alternative to the traditional educational system.

What Makes a Website Memorable ? Total User Experience

What Makes a Website Memorable? Total User Experience

People land on websites because they are looking for something - usually a product or service, but sometimes just for information or interaction, especially if the site is related to an educational subject, technology, science, history, government, etc. For businesses that offer products and services for sale, the importance of a memorable website is far more critical, because they want people to come, navigate about, buy and return. Making a site memorable means that it lodges in a visitor's mind, even after having left.

Facebook's Parse continues as Open Source

Facebook Parse May Be Dead But It Continues To Live Within The FOSS Community

The most popular mobile development platform Parse was declared as dead with no potential results to resuscitate. On January 28, 2016 the engineers gathering was shattered and confused as nothing was turning out truly till that day. The guideline demand after that news was key "What's next?". Parse gives a year to its customers to spare the information as the entire servers keeping them will be wiped then. In any case, the uplifting news is that the source code for Parse is accessible on github.

HTML5 v/s Native Mobile Applications: The Surprising Winner!

As you read this article, there are high chances you have access to this article on your iPhone, Android device, be it a tablet or smartphone, or even your BlackBerry! What you may be unaware about is the survival of the fittest war constantly raging within your palms and it always boils down to the main debate amongst all the iPhone app developers and Android app developers around the world - Who's the winner when it comes to HTML5 applications v/s Native applications?

Points to Consider While Moving from Web App to Mobile App

Web App to Mobile App

Every now and then the idea of changing the web app to the mobile app strikes our mind. Well, of course, it is very obvious this idea has striked to every last person having a web app. Going mobile is essential, especially today when we all, at some point of time, feel that apps should be available, workable and that can save us time. What can be done? Well, on-the-go facilities have always been appreciated.