Main Advantages of using Drupal that you should take into account

Whenever talking about CMS systems it seems that everyone recommends WordPress but the truth is that Drupal is so much better in specific scenarios. What you may not know is that some pretty large websites like Mint, Arizona University, the NY Government and The Economist are built and ran with the use of Drupal. PHP is open source script code. It is free of all the licensing costs, a clear choice for most web developers for so many years now. The Drupal content management system is written completely in PHP code. That is why it saves a lot of money for the site owner. You may not know this but hiring a company to develop a standalone CMS system for your company can cost thousands of dollars. Compare that with something that would be free and it is obvious that the option should at least be considered.

Why has Drupal been preferred over WordPress and other CMS systems, ranging from home auctions websites to government websites? Read on to find out.

Web development with Drupal and it's opportunities

Drupal web development can enable an organization to address different requirements for an online presence that is really strong. This includes various online options from personal websites and social networking sites to resource directories, newsletters and web portals.

At the moment there are over 29,000 modules available for Drupal and around 2,000 already built themes. Drupal is used by literally hundreds of thousands of web developers that want to create a custom site for the client. Around 2% of all the sites from around the world now use Drupal. A good web designer can basically create any custom template thanks to Drupal CMS.

Drupal Compared With Joomla And WordPress

The truth is that WordPress CMS stands out as better for a beginner that does not have much knowledge about the technical aspect of creating the back end part of a larger website. It will be suitable for blogs and websites that are mid-sized. Joomla is a CMS that is pretty effective when building eCommerce sites but it will need specific coding technical knowledge. When looking at Drupal, we see the hardest of the CMS systems but also the one that is the most powerful. It will be suitable for absolutely all website types and has a tremendous CMS for a moderation purpose.

Drupal web development will always be seen as being more popular among the professional web developers when compared with both Joomla and WordPress. Similarly to X-Cart, Joomla, Zen Cart and Magento, Drupal can help the business design an eCommerce site that is completely customized. A major reason behind that is that the Drupal template can so easily be modified, offering the only 100% tailor-made eCommerce app and website.
Also, the designers and the developers will easily develop and customize site aspects even further thanks to available Drupal extensions.

Drupal Web Development Benefits

Although many things can be mentioned some of the web development benefits associated with Drupal have been seen as being more important. The following should be known about this:

  • Open Source Software: Drupal offers many free themes, contributed models, core software and more to help reduce the costs associated with web development in a significant way.
  • Highly Customizable: When referring to operation, design, layout and features, Drupal stands out as being completely customizable. This offers various choices for designers and developers. Choices make it easy for specialists to address the requirements of the clients.
  • Rapid Deployment Facilitation: With Drupal the company can deploy core functionality and features in a really rapid way. You take full advantage of Web 2.0. Design and development companies can easily create something that is exactly as the client wants with a rapid deployment rate.
  • Enterprise-Class Software: When referring to reliability, flexibility, security, resource availability, interoperability, manageability and even scalability, Drupal can only be seen as being enterprise level. A developer would be able to integrate it with most other popular applications like phpBB and SAP.
  • Extensive API Support: The support offered at an API level for Drupal by most large sites is high. A developer can create custom modules in connection with the likes of Twitter, Google Analytics, Google Apps, YouTube and Facebook.
  • SEO-Friendly: SEO is a truly vital part of online marketing for the modern businesses. Drupal will enable the company to easily end up with a site that is 100% SEO-friendly. Enormous flexibility is available to display content so that the search engines will love it.
  • Mobile-Ready: Smart devices are all around us these days. They opened the door to a brand new platform that is used by the marketers to reach potential customers. A smart device would easily view Drupal sites just like desktop PCs. The small business would be able to rely on such a feature in order to increase the leads that were generated.


On the whole, Drupal web development is something that has to be taken into account since it will enable the developer to create a site that is high quality and feature rich. It is a guarantee that it will be able to fulfill all client requirements. The only problem is that it is not that easy to use. Only the web developer that has the adequate knowledge can use it. For the beginners that do not know much about web development using something like WordPress would be better.

To sum up, Drupal stands out as the preferred option of the highly experienced web developer that wants to create something that is 100% custom for clients. This system will create a site that is exactly as you want it to be and this does include the back-end interface. You have to be sure that you always choose the option that is the best based on client requirements, of course. Just make sure that you do not dismiss Drupal. Unfortunately, this is something that happens so much more often than it should. Drupal is advanced and the benefits associated with using it simply cannot be dismissed.