WP Job Board Review: Create a Job Portal Within Minutes

By Goingbrett, 9 April, 2017
WordPress Job Board Plugin

What’s the most obvious thing which fantasizes us every single minute, hour and a day? Well, it is attaining an ideal, promising and affluent phase in life where having a grand house, expensive car and bank balance seems to become the modern thing. Yes, these are the desires and aspirations which we have, and importantly a high-paying job is what we dream for attaining this remarkable phase in life as well. Yes, the world consists of a sizeable population of youth who naturally have high hopes and are motivated, energetic to conquer challenges and obstacles as and when they may come up, during their search for the best job according to their capabilities.

Considering such a technologically advanced world, the lure of an “ideally precious life” in an online world for tech-savvy youth has become way higher.

There has been a huge demand from job seekers eyeing for a respectable position while recruiters similarly want to recruit employees of similar stature. Now, to create a common platform for “both” with an aim to get their queries, concerns, and expectations addressed, WP Job Board has become as an ideal platform with an instant and secure mechanism to get much-needed assistance.

The WordPress Job Board Plugin lets you put resume for either of the requirements, and it is best suited for people who want to create job portal online with an easy, quick and hassle-free way of getting in touch with potential people.

It can be rightly said that WordPress which is known for various sophisticated themes and plugins has added another feather to its cap through WP Job Board.

Considering the series of packed features which the plugin seems to have got, let’s take a look at them for giving you step-by-step view about the feasibility of the plugin in style.

  • Regular tag of “new listing” is given to the jobs which are posted
  • Wide list of employment on every page
  • An easy and hassle free way of applying online within just a click
  • For maintaining transparency and professionally, the “submitted” job by employers, administrators or others need approval before going live.

What I have found with the plugin is that it is quite robust and highly advanced when it comes to technical aspect. Yes, I am talking about how easy creating search boxes, application forms or uploading resumes/jobs becomes, in its presence.

The plugin continues to keep the interest of users with its frequent updates (occurs mostly on a monthly basis). Yes, these are a set of advanced features to give a sense of power for owners who are keeping themselves abreast with the latest features, thus assisting them professionally. The best thing about this plugin is that keeps getting new and bigger updates each month from the developer. Check the below video to know more about their latest features and updates:

Watch YouTube Video of the Plugin.

Insert Google Maps for knowing the exact location

To empower people with the proper address, one can easily add Google Maps. Yes, this couldn’t have been possible without the plugin’s inbuilt feature packed system which creates an easy way of knowing exact addresses.

Install quickly

Continuing with the series of WordPress related themes which are known for installation in a single click, WP Job Board Plugin is another one where the installation is done in “just” a click.

Makes use of WordPress theme picture perfect

Thanks to the use of standardized features present in the plugin, different functionalities of the theme continue to operate smoothly and indeed remain unaffected and unhindered. Yes, the features remain intact and you can continue to work to its optimum as well.

An in-depth authority

The plugin is known for captivating layout which creates the beginning of a natural approach for people making desired changes. For instance, if you are looking to drag and drop while making desired changes in creating or uploading resumes, forms, and job listing, then that can be done in a simple, easy, quick and efficient manner, to say the least.

A highly captivating mode of marketing

Do you know the biggest benefit associated with online world? Well, the answer lies in it being its “easy access”, I mean within few clicks. Now, the level of marketing which is associated with the plugin can be gauged from the fact, that it gives you the convenience of syndicating your job listing with some of the old, renowned and highly popular sites with increasing numbers of visitors. Yes, SimplyHired is one of them where the listings will appear indeed by prominently visible there amongst others.


The plugin gives you an option to be used based on the nature of your specific requirement. Yes, I am talking about Business License where you may be needing for your entity (it is used on multiple sites), unlike the Personal License which is used on only one site. As a complimentary feature for those who purchase both the licenses, one gets a free job board theme namely “Jobeleon”.
The cost of owning the business license amounts to $199 while purchasing the personal license is way cheaper at $97.

Offers a great way of customization

The plugin throws open the convenience for you to customize it as per your needs. So basically it implies that based on your requirements, your professional's requirements can be best adhered and looked with easy, quick and hassle-free customizing features. So, what if you are using any theme of WordPress, the plugin can easily be used with any one, without any hitch.

Final Words

The WP Job Board Plugin is an ideal way of creating a purposeful job-related website where based on the requirements, particular and specific functionalities are added to make it highly flexible. Doesn’t it become an easy and straightforward way to get in touch with hundreds of thousands of individuals with their desires and aims? Yes indeed, as the plugin speak volumes about being organized and advanced with complete details, not to miss. You can’t afford to miss this one-stop-solution especially as you are looking towards a featured packed plugin which has been proving itself as per the changing times. Likewise, it has directly empowered bloggers to start an effective strategy of creating a perfect ground for people (mainly youth) to work towards accomplishing their goals in style by choosing the best job according to their caliber.