Best VPN for Android & iOS 2017

By rahul, 5 December, 2017
Best VPN for Android & iOS 2017

A VPN is an old concept in the world of computing. Its definition: safe method of communication between two points via a public network. Some users run VPN programs for protecting their business web pages from security breaches like theft and fraud. There are dedicated VPNs which work for the operating systems of different computers, so which VPN is the best for you? This VPN bestvpnrating website has the answers for you.

Which VPN to Use?

Best for Mac

With many Apple Mac users in the market, the number VPN services that work well with an Apple (OS) has soared. With each Mac OS upgrade, you get access to cleaner and sharper details, as well as bug cleanups and new features. This comes at a price as security seemed to have dropped with this OS upgrade. The best VPN for Mac users is the ExpressVPN. This service gives users a different IP address when VPN is activated and allows a quick and efficient loading speed to sites not allowed in their home regions.

Best for Android

Mobile malware is on its rise and VPN acts as an additional defence for your mobile phone. The adoption of Android platform rate continues growing while cybercriminals interested in ransom or any other profit gained from the accessed confidential information take an increased interest in hacking Android-based devices due to its user numbers.
The best VPN for Android phones is ExpressVPN. This is the best VPN for Android as in combination with the antivirus system, is able to protect your network and device from malicious hackers and other web threats while enhancing your network experience and making content accessible for surfing from any corner of the world.

Best for Netflix

Netflix – a popular streaming service which offers a host of dramas and variety shows. It is the most highly sought after entertainment platform but has a different set of available content for different countries. This means that something your friend is enjoying in the UK might not be available for your viewing pleasure back home. The best thing about Netflix is that it allows you to customize your genre of choice and recommends similar shows which you should enjoy. A brilliant way to unwind when you get home.

The best VPN for Netflix is ExpressVPN which will give you access to the shows you want to watch with a fast stream time. One thing to note when using VPN however, is Netflix’s increasing clampdown through the ban on proxy servers and VPN for user access to content outside their home countries. VPNs have a lot of utilities. A secure and low-cost connection between offices, remote access to systems, an interconnection of networks through the Internet.