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Cutting IT Network Costs Without Damaging Performance

There's no doubt about it, running an IT network as part of your business is likely to cost a significant chunk of money. In fact, beyond staffing costs, it's often one of a business's most significant running costs. As such, it's no surprise to find that business owners are often exploring as many possible ways of reducing IT costs - but, it's absolutely vital that this is done without impacting your performance.

Reasons to Be Cautious Before Adopting Machine Translation

Deep learning & machine translation in providing business localization services are becoming popular. However, they are still not as effective as humans.It is rather surprising that with all the advancement in technology, machines are still not able to accurately translate the language. Though there have been breakthroughs in machine learning, machine translation, and neural network technologies, language remains a complicated aspect that machines are not yet able to decipher with 100% accuracy.

Top 7 PHP Frameworks to Use for Web Development in 2019

Top 7 PHP Frameworks to Use for Web Development in 2019

If you talk about the most popular programming languages in 2019, PHP would emerge victorious without any doubt! Hypertext Preprocessor, popularly known as PHP, is basically a server-side scripting language which has got extreme popularity due to the fact that it's very less time-consuming, flexible, and easy to learn and implement. More than 80% of all websites around the world are using PHP which can prove the usefulness of the programming language in today's date and beyond.

Main Types of Business Tech Applications That Increase Efficiency

Today, technology has become an integral part of businesses and to make any business whopping success time and money are very important. Making a business flourish, today is a lot easier today, thanks to a wide range of 'biztech' applications or technology tools that can be immensely helpful for your business. Once you start saving time and money remember that you are taking a step forward in making your business a success. Many small businesses already use these tools to save time and money to ensure the healthy growth of their businesses.

6 Tips To Make Your Website Social Media Friendly

Let's face it, social media is the biggest form for digital interaction in our age. With the help of inexpensive and widespread internet, it has become extremely easy and convenient for people to use social media on a daily basis. As a result, business managers, small companies, and large enterprises, too, are concentrating on spreading their messages through these virtual platforms. You have probably experienced that most of the website you visit encourage you to connect to their social media page.

How AI is making An Impact on Web Design Industry In This Digital Era?

How AI is making An Impact on Web Design Industry In This Digital Era?

Artificial and Intelligence are two different words yet the combination and integration have changed the world all around. The concept of machines was introduced to make the human efforts to be minimized and to make it easy for them. This was how machine did take over the world and things became easy, effective and faster. This was the reason that machines became an important part of life. But what it lacked was the intelligence and thinking ability and that was where humans did had an edge.

6 Important Things Every Ecommerce Landing Page Needs

Landing pages are designed to convince visitors of an ecommerce site to grab a few items and head to the checkout window. They're used for marketing purposes and link-building campaigns, and when well-designed, they can increase your conversions by leaps and bounds. Despite their importance, ecommerce landing pages are often neglected. These pages could catapult sales, but business owners either don't know how to design a good page or they're unaware of the value of doing so.

Technologies that will change the Contact Center in 2019 forever

Technologies that will change the Contact Center in 2019 forever

Despite the digitalization of companies, when we call some we like that on the other side is a person to solve our problems. With companies increasingly "online" and with less physical presence, the Contact Center is and will remain a key part of its strategy in 2019 and looking to the future.

3 Reasons to Design Your Website on WordPress

Businesses in all niches face plenty of competition. And that is why it's important to create marketing campaigns that specifically cater to different sectors in the world of commerce. Indeed, startups and veteran brands will have to position themselves effectively to get more customers as well as broaden their influence. But what's the best way for law firms to market themselves and increase their competitiveness?