6 Tips To Make Your Website Social Media Friendly

By admin, 15 July, 2019

Let's face it, social media is the biggest form for digital interaction in our age. With the help of inexpensive and widespread internet, it has become extremely easy and convenient for people to use social media on a daily basis. As a result, business managers, small companies, and large enterprises, too, are concentrating on spreading their messages through these virtual platforms. You have probably experienced that most of the website you visit encourage you to connect to their social media page. This is due to the fact that social media are really powerful, and having an active presence will increase your business results.

Improve Your Website With These Simple Tips

As most businesses these days already have a website, making it social media friendly and connecting directly to your potential prospects is a must-do in today's cutthroat digital age. By doing so, you can share your website content that can expand your reach, increase traffic, and, consequently, bring you conversions.

To be able to do that, we are going to list down some effective tips that would help your website to become social media friendly:

1. Add Links To Social Profiles

With a heavy dependence on smartphones for searching the smallest information, the primary aim of businesses is to increase engagement with mobile users. But depending on your niche, especially in the B2B area, desktop users shouldn't be disregarded. The higher the engagement, the higher is the chance of conversions into sales figures. Of course, the whole funnel should be taken into consideration, one Like won't bring you sales increment immediately. And that is what modern websites are looking for. So you need to try and engage your visitors on your social media pages by sharing interesting and valuable links, and engaging posts. Following you on social media will help them to stay updated with your products and services which has the potential of increasing sales. You can add direct social media links on your website so your visitors can instantaneously explore your social networks.

2. Track Your Content Performance

It is crucial to track your performance on social media since you need to know how your audience responds to your efforts, and if your social media strategy is bringing you results. Only when you monitor your website's performance, can you really spot the areas of improvement and fine-tune the content. For example, by using a professional Twitter dashboard you can analyze the complete performance of your shared content, audience, and engagement on this social network. This would enable you to understand the position of your business and would also give you the option to schedule your next strategic move.

3. Use High-quality And Unique Images

It is important to optimize the content according to the needs of the platform. You should use high-quality images that are related to the content you want to share. Many times, people do not share a post when they see that the image does not match up to the content or is blurred and low quality. Each element of the content, starting from description to images, should be properly created and related to your goal. However, it is also vital to make sure that the images do not take ages to download - use optimized images for better performance.

Also, be sure about the fact that your content is attractive to your audience so that people not only relate with it and read it, but are also compelled to share the same.

4. Use Share Buttons

Make sure that each of the content on your website is shareable. The visitors should be able to share everything with a single click. The tricks of doing this are quite easy and you would not need to follow any highly complex algorithm. By implementing share buttons and creating an environment to easily distribute your content, you stand a greater chance of spreading your message across multiple channels. When you design your website, you can also include call-to-action icons or buttons so that visitors are automatically guided to click and share your page.

5. Integrate Comments Section

It is a great idea to enable comments as your visitors would be able to comment with their social media profile. Including a section for comments serves multiple purposes. Firstly, this would allow your visitors to connect with you without additionally registering to your website. That way, you grant consumers the possibility to express their feedback while you get to know about their specific needs. It gives them a general sense of better connection with the business.

Secondly, the comments also help in boosting your visibility while you get to understand if there are any areas that need to be fine-tuned or improved to achieve even better performance.

6. Be Mobile-friendly

It is of utmost importance for your website to be mobile-friendly, especially if you are a B2C business.

Most people use mobile to surf over the internet and thus it is absolutely imperative that your website is flexible enough to be viewed through mobile and easily reachable through different social media platforms. Statistics say that more than 50% of the global Internet traffic arises from mobile accounts, with already 48.71% being in the first quarter of 2019, according to the research portal Statista.

Therefore, it is very easy to understand the consequences of not having a website that is well-compatible with mobile platforms. Again, just having a mobile website is not enough - it must also be optimally designed for quick access, swift download, and easy navigation.

Final Words

There might be various other ways in which you can innovate your website for being more social media friendly. But these 6 are the basic and highly vital aspects that are must-haves in modern websites.

Of course, you must pay special attention to curate content that is top-class and engaging, because it is the content that will finally carry your brand values across social media. And once you have meticulously taken care of all the aspects, there is no stopping you from being a sensation across social channels!