5 Online Study Tools Every College Student Should Use

By admin, 31 August, 2019

College students should know how to make their lives easier when writing another paper or two. What is fascinating to know in the 21st century is that most tools that could make writing faster, more convenient, and dead simple are available without getting up from your couch. In other words, online. Any professional essay writing service uses them daily to deliver the best papers on time. But don't worry, you can do it even better saving time and nerves. Without further adieu, let's have a look what the power of the web offers for every college student to go on with daily tasks like a rocket.

Libraries to Find Some Wisdom: Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the biggest online libraries with free eBooks on any taste. College essay writing services like write my essay often use the library to get the best credible information one could find around the web. What is especially cool about Gutenberg is that they have eBooks in various formats suitable for all kinds of readers, tablets, and smartphones.

The service does not charge anything for registration to start using it from day one. What they ask is a voluntary donation to support maintenance and staff salaries. Instead, you're becoming part of the mission, to provide students across the world the best classic literature for which U.S. copyright is not active anymore.

Besides, Project Gutenberg does not ask for any extra apps to be downloaded or purchased to enjoy free eBooks. It's fully functional in every browser from mobile to desktop, just register, enter some data about yourself, and explore the world of amazing English literature on the palm of your hand.

Power Up Academic Performance with Reddit

Reddit is more than just a question-answer platform where people open threads to get replies on matters that concern them a lot. In fact, Reddit can also be a reliable alternative to any cheapest essay writing service that offers to-do solutions for homework and exams. Reddit offers multiple learning and educational subreddits. What is a key takeaway for every student here is that in subreddits you can find collections of articles on different topics. Looking for some analysis of the last poem from English literature class or Googling definition of Einstein's Relativity Theory? Learning and educational subreddits likely have answers on that.

Generally, you could experience such advantages of subreddits as:

  • Responsive community that unites the same thinkers and curious researchers as you.
  • Experience the latest trends in news feeds across the Reddit community.
  • Get a general understanding of topics you're interested in without investing much time.
  • Good source to get some inspiration and explore ideas and interpretations in opposite meanings.

Time-Saving Pill by VideoAnt

Remember the last time you had to watch a lifelong video lecture from TedTalks or an hour-long documentary about Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt? It's like passing torture without actually asking if you want to make countless notes and pause every video each second. Well, VideoAnt is the painkiller you've been looking for so long. The service allows you to pick the selected video that you want to review with annotations. Then, you'll get a user-friendly interface to insert annotations on every second of the video when needed.

VideoAnt got many accolades from not only typical students. Taking a legit essay writing service, their pro-writers use this service to save some time when completing an assignment. Besides, you could become an owner of the organized ant farm with VideoAnt, how cool is that. It's a metaphor, of course, the service defines your profiled collection of annotated videos under such name, a bit of humor, yeah.

What is more, you can export your annotations from any videos into suitable text, or other data format. It's better than carrying out your wild scratched notes from every YouTube video. Stay organized and use this feature, it'll be really helpful.

Knowledge Era with Coursera

Coursera is the spot to spill some tarmac over the intelligence ditches on your way to becoming a Ph.D. of everything. Honestly, you could find basically everything that interests you, from a beginner to a pro-level. It does not matter whether you started learning some coding language half a year ago, started knitting socks just yesterday, or daydreamed about being a new Pable Picasso during today's lunch. Coursera has covered it all for you, just don't forget to pick up some ambition and motivation along with you.

Best educational institutions and professionals with years of experience in spheres from UI/UX to Robotics have invested their time and efforts to create content on Coursera. They definitely want to get some cash on this point, but you want to learn harder, better, faster, stronger, right? Shake out a bunch of pennies from your wallet and get a starter course in something, they're cheaper usually.

Grammarly Kicks Out any Bad Spelling

Grammarly is an online helper to proofread and edit final paper drafts. It's the industry leader right now on a reason. A typical custom essay writing service uses Grammarly daily to make writers productive and concentrated. You'll have to register a profile to start polishing your beloved assignment masterpieces. After that, copy and paste the text into a new document at Grammarly. And boom, you see how red it is? It's where you can make it better at once, simply follow Grammarly suggestions for improvement over those tiny imperfections. The service does not only save your time on proofreading and trekking places where editing is vital. It also teaches you how to write better, more accurate papers in the future.

Final Word

Before writing the next essay in line, consider the above tools. You're obliged to use all of them at once to boost the arsenal of your academic powers. It's a matter of taste whether you'll like some of them or not to be a part of your daily study habits. In any case, online study tools are far more extended than this list.So don't hesitate to research the web to find the tools that will settle down in your browser even after college ends.