Is Customised Web Design Really Dying ?

The web page design plays a significant role in attracting potential visitors and increasing conversion rates. By making a well-designed website, you can improve the user experience. Moreover, it is believed that the design affects the trustworthiness of the site. So many things are nowadays discussed about how to create the best possible web site design, with many problems appearing because of a lack of knowledge about so many different things. The truth is that modern web design is all about so many different things that it is hard to come up with a recipe for true success. However, there are things that we do know about: functionality and uniqueness.

It's important to ensure that the design will streamline the website's functionality. It should also be able to clearly communicate with the target audience. Web design needs to make everything better instead of making the site less appealing as a whole.

Fully functional and unique web design

Customising your web page can be your best option. However, with people looking for the cheapest options, templates have become more popular that customised designs. Their popularity has sprouted the buzz that customised web design is dying. Luckily, this is not the real case. Everything that is practically associated with the benefits of templates is something that should not be considered by a serious business.

Here are some reasons why custom web design isn't dying and will not be gone for the next years. Consider them and remember that being unique is something vital for the success of any project you may have.

1. Templates are easy to use, but they're not worth it

Business owners who are not knowledgeable about web design hire website builders that are using templates in creating a web page. If you're one of those business owners, you must be aware that there are few problems that may come across over template websites. This means that investing in template website can be a waste of money. If you want to have a website that allows room for personalization, then you should go for custom web design. You can contact Sydney Website Design if you're looking for professional and reliable custom web design service.

In the event that you absolutely have to use templates, look for those that are going to allow some sort of customization. In many cases this means that some sort of CMS system is also utilized. The best example of this is a theme that is used for WordPress. Even then you need to be sure you will use a theme that is not cheap or free since the customization options available would not be great.

2. Template website will ruin SEO

Business owners should know that template website won't do good for the business. If you want your website to be indexed and rank high, it must be optimised. The website design is one of the factors of SEO. That's why you must choose to customize your web page rather than using a template. Otherwise, redesigning your website can double your expenses.

The reason why a generic site template has negative SEO results is that there is a lot of content that will be added to the site and that will exist on potentially thousands of other sites. You definitely do not want to be faced with something like this. The large search engines are going to see your website as being exactly the same as others. There would be negative ranking effects whenever this happens.

3. Templates have a similar look

Having a customised web page can help in building your brand. Custom designers can create a page that represents your brand and conveys your message more clearly. Unlike template web page, a customised website is created for individual businesses and not toward industries or niches. Thus, you can expect that your brand will get a unique image.

Custom web design addresses the individual goals of a business owner. That's why it's necessary to hire web designers who can work in a collaborative environment and ensures that the site reflects your brand. Customised web page integrates responsive design that enables the visitors to browse your website easily. Web designers also consolidate the right images that best fit to the message you want to deliver to your audience.

Based on the industry you operate in, there is a huge possibility that there are many sites that look exactly the same. They have the same graphics, fonts and much more. You are surely aware of some in your industry. Using general templates leads to exactly this huge problem. There is no uniqueness and visitors will think that you are another different business. Branding will simply not exist.

Why Is Customized Web Design Recommended ?

Various different reasons can be highlighted but at the end of the day it is very important that you understand the advantages associated with uniqueness. Web design that is completely customized is going to so easily bring forth the core values of the brand that is promoted. When the site is just using a general template, we cannot talk about branding. It simply does not exist.

When you use customized web design you create a brief that is delivered to the developer. Based on the brief we have the web design team create something that is really good for you. You will find it so easy to have something special but the truth is that you will have to spend some cash in the process. Make sure that your money is going to bring in the quality that you are surely after.

Customized web design basically means that you can have a site that will look exactly as you want it to look and will have the functionality you are looking for. Do you want to start an ecommerce site that also allows chatting between people that visit? It is possible. In fact, customized web design is going to offer absolutely everything you would want. Just make sure that you work with designers or developers that are highly experienced and that can bring your vision to life.


Web template is affordable and easy to create, but it can't help in making your business successful. Working with custom web designers is worth the cost because they can build a site that's in line with your business branding and goals.

It's not true that custom web design is dead. As long as there are business owners who want to have a web page that is creatively designed using technical skills and artistic talent, custom web design will remain. The most successful websites in the world do not actually use the regular templates you can find at $5 each. They do use 100% custom-made web design. The prices associated with the best websites in the world are high. However, your investment does not have to be that high.

The prices that are associated with custom web design at the moment are so much lower than they used to be. That is because there is a pretty high competition between the developers and designers. They try to land new contracts so they are going to offer their services at lower prices than before. Discounts are even available when working on a multitude of projects with the considered web design company or other deals can be negotiated.