4 Reasons Why Building Your Own Mobile App Is a Good Idea

4 Reasons Why Building Your Own Mobile App Is a Good Idea

Some people will argue that we live our lives absolutely dependent on apps. While they might not be totally right, they are not completely wrong either, and that is not a bad thing. Apps have made our lives a lot easier by helping facilitate the way we achieve our daily tasks. Whether they are personal or business related tasks, the avalanches of apps that exist and continue to be developed every day have ensured an all-encompassing solution to our problems.

Mobile apps are in particularly high demand now. This is mostly due to the increase in mobile phone usage and the demand for more flexibility and efficiency in workplace structure. Businesses understand how powerful mobile apps can be in our current business climate. Any business - regardless of size - without a mobile app is missing out.

This demand has also necessitated the emergence of companies in the software provider industry.

Whether it is an issue of employee management, online reputation management, HR issues, customer service etc., companies such as Arkenea have made it possible to create your own app just the way you imagine it.

Building a business app is unarguably the best way to centralize and optimize all business activities in a responsible and accountable manner.

So, if you really want a mobile app that meets your business needs in the best way possible, build one. Here are a few reasons I think having a mobile app is the right way to go.

1. It improves your business' efficiency

This is one of the most obvious reasons for owning a mobile app. An app will boost your business' efficiency in a way a traditional website or even a mobile friendly site will not.
For one, even the most mobile adapted site does not stay on your customer's phone; it needs a browser to run. However, a mobile app is part of your customer's every day item. It is always there on their phone, right next to all their social media apps.

For instance, a typical business app offers optimum customer service to your customers. For instance, with your bank's mobile app you can make money transfers to any bank, pay your utility bills, top up your mobile, even browse your banks website and carry out just about any other bank related activity.

Having this centralized location where your customers and employees can come and handle their business exhaustively and to their satisfaction is the best thing for any business.

2. It Serves as a Direct Marketing Channel

Mobile apps are usually a more targeted marketing channel because they only focus on those who have your business mobile app installed on their phones.

Because of this default specific targeting, you can achieve higher conversion rates.

Of course for it to be this effective, you have to ensure that your app is as efficient and user-friendly as possible. It should be able to provide your customers with all relevant business information like prices, search features, booking forms, user accounts, news feeds, messengers and other general business info. Consolidate their trust in the app first and you've got yourself a customer base worth marketing to.

It is even more effective if your app has a push notification feature, this way you can get new business updates, products and promotions to your customers without them having to login to the app. This truly puts your business solutions at their fingertips.

3. It puts Small Businesses in a Really Good Position

For larger businesses, having a business app is more convention than innovation. This norm, however, has not really trickled down to the small business level. In truth, many small businesses feel that it is an unnecessary luxury, especially since they have a generally smaller customer base.

Unless you are fine with the current scale of your business, ignoring the mobile app trend is not doing you any favors.

Integrating a mobile app into your small business will definitely make your business stand out among all the other businesses of its cadre.

You can take a big leap ahead of your competitors by being the first in your district, or neighborhood to offer a mobile app to its customers. This forward thinking approach will pique the interest of existing and prospective customers within your industry.

4. It Enhances Engagement

Businesses in the e-commerce industry will understand and appreciate this, perhaps more than any other industry. Mobile app can help increase customer engagement.

A good number of businesses require certain information pertinent information from customers at sign up. These may include their profile information and their interests, their location etc. They will also be able to link their user account on your mobile app to their social media platforms.

Armed with this information, you can successfully engage your customers with product/service offers/promotions and incentives and in real time too. You can leverage the above collected customer information (such as interests and location) to efficiently customize your offers to make them more attractive and appealing.

No one can resist the temptation of a rare discount or good deal as long as it is presented in ways that appeal to its target audience.