8 Ingredients to Improve Content on Your Website

By admin, 2 November, 2017

Content is king, they say, when it comes to both marketing and higher search rankings. No website is complete without it, but content appears in varying levels of quality. You might place useful and interesting material on each web page and on your blog, but is that enough to drive conversions and improve the overall caliber of your website? Content on your site is an all-encompassing marketing tool. It’s often the primary factor that inspires purchasing behavior. For that reason alone, it should transcend the material in a typical blog.

Your homepage, interior pages, and even your contact form should be loaded with visuals and text that promote your products or services and boost SEO. Consider this website for a law firm in Indiana, for example. The homepage includes calls to action, graphic images, useful details, videos, and much more, all readily available to visitors. When you follow the simple navigation menu, you have access to blogs, websites, and service pages loaded with information that communicates authority and promotes the business.

The excellent level of content on this website, and others like it, is achievable for any organization. When you work on building your web content, below are eight tips to consider.

1. Understand SEO Basics

You don’t have to be a master at boosting rankings, but you should know a thing or two about search engine optimization (SEO). The higher you rank in Google’s search results, the more likely you are to attract customers. A lot goes into enhancing a company’s search engine rankings, but the most important things to know consist of: using keywords in your titles, featuring high-quality content that customers can use, and including links to your previous content to boost onsite traffic even further.

2. Utilize the Right Keywords

Before composing your content, do a little keyword research. Keywords can supercharge your energy in search engine rankings, and they should be used a few times naturally throughout your blog posts and webpages as well. You’ll find the best results by researching Google Adwords for the highest-ranking keywords in your industry.

3. Employee Proper Research Tactics

If you’re a business owner, you probably know a lot about your field already, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn few more things after some detailed research. Before you draft a piece of content, learn more about the subject - the latest trends, for example. For topics that are less familiar, spend a few hours finding and reading articles, watching videos, and brushing up on old notes. It may take some time, but well-researched content is obviously going to be of better quality and more likely to perform well among your target audience.

4. Ensure Accuracy

Accuracy is achieved through steady research. The content you write will be published on your branded website; therefore, it will be associated with your company name. You don’t want to be caught circulating something that’s not true or out of date just because you didn’t do proper your research. Also, make sure you source your content accurately. If you use quotes or borrow statistics, link back to the original source. A charge of plagiarism is the last thing you need on your plate.

5. Write Content That Applies to Readers

Actionable content means your readers have an opportunity to interact with your content in a meaningful way. That’s more likely to create web conversions because it provides extra value to consumers. Actionable content doesn’t condescend or boss the consumer around. Instead, it recognizes the needs of the reader and offers tips to help him or her solve typical problems in their line of work. The ultimate purpose of a search engine is to provide people with answers. If you create content that fully answers people’s questions, you’re more likely to garner high search rankings.

6. Improve Your Headlines

About 80 percent of people who run across your site will read your headlines, but only 20 percent will read the rest of your content. If you want people to spend time on your pages, a great headline can grab their attention effectively. A good headline is catchy, includes keywords, and provides a clear glimpse into the article’s subject matter. This is the first thing people will read, remember, and you want them to form a positive impression of the content below it.

7. Establish Some Authority

Can readers tell from your content that you know what you’re talking about? If not, your marketing and reputation will suffer. Excellent content writers will approach a topic in unique ways based on their business experiences. The goal is to establish yourself as an authority on the subject. Credibility is key for showing consumers that your products and services can help them.

8. Include Multi-Media

Text is not sufficient anymore as a solid content strategy. Even if you have some pictures with your blog posts, you likely need to incorporate even more visuals. Infographics, graphs, gifs, memes, videos, and more should be used to promote your firm. Videos are particularly important for your content strategy. Facebook users watch 8 billion videos per day, and that doesn’t count the billions more viewed on other streaming channels. Take advantage of this excellent publicity, and use videos to enhance your content marketing strategy.