6 Best PHP Frameworks for Modern Web Developers in 2018

PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages globally. Using this, developers can create complex websites and applications. Due to its popularity and wide adoption, there are several PHP coding software platforms available today. The framework allows the coder to focus on specific tasks and functionality while it builds the generic components. Let's take a look at the best PHP frameworks for this year.


According to Google Trends, Laravel is the most popular framework of 2018. It has a vast ecosystem that makes web app development quicker and easier. It simplifies the authentication process, and enables rapid development and deployment. The database query builder has an efficient and easy to use interface that allows the creation and running of database queries. The HTTP middleware offers a convenient method to filter the HTTP requests your application receives. The Blade templating engine performs repeatable tasks like authentication, RESTful routing, queuing, caching and so on. Its packaged vagrant box called Homestead allows developers to develop easily and without problems. It also offers better documentation than other frameworks, and features an inbuilt unit testing and easily readable syntax. There is a huge community of Laravel users, so that app developers can interact and mutually benefit. Any reputed Web development company will have developers proficient in Laravel.


This is a stable, reliable, high performing (thanks to its byte code caching), well documented and modular project from Sensio Labs. It has a set of reusable codes that enable the development of large scale enterprise web apps. Its standards make error detection very easy, allowing developers to write code that is high quality and almost error-free. It also has reusable libraries that help to perform activities like authentication, templating, object configuration, routing, form creation and so on. It also has excellent support. It is simple and sustainable, and can be adapted for complex requirements too, and is compliant with nearly all the best practices for website design. The coding is super easy, and it allows for integration with other vendor libraries.


This easy-to-use, developer friendly framework has been around for 11 years, and is still very popular. It's very flexible, and super easy to install. CodeIgniter is fantastic when you need to develop a website with a wide ranging scope. If you need any complicated functionality, all you need to do is add some plugins. It also achieves database related tasks much faster than other frameworks. With the help of standard databases like MySQL, it uses normal web hosting services efficiently. Excellent documentation and long term support is also provided for this framework. This lightweight toolkit enables easier installation, coding and maintenance. CodeIgnitor also has robust security features and excellent performance.


Zend is a suite of professional PHP packages, and can be used to develop web apps using PHP 5.6+. It offers complete object oriented coding via a wide range of language features. It has a set of standard libraries that make this framework powerful and allows easy scaling. Zend also has a genuine, high-performing MVC, and a user friendly database. It has a plethora of modules for feeds, forms and validation, and is great for developing enterprise applications. It offers excellent security features - one reason that makes it great for enterprise apps. It features a drag and drop editor that supports CSS, HTML and Javascript, enables real time online debugging, unit testing tools and cryptographic coding tools.

Cake PHP

This is one of the perfect web development frameworks for developers who want a simple yet beautiful toolkit to develop web apps that are aesthetically pleasing and loaded with tons of features. CakePHP is known for stability, speed and security. This modern PHP framework is excellent for building commercial web apps. For the past 10+ years, it has enjoyed respect and popularity among developers, and enjoys wide adoption. It has rich features like exemplary documentation, safekeeping tools like SQL injection prevention, form validation, CSRF protection, preventing cross site scripting and so on. It supports PHP 5.5+ and has excellent documentation and proper class inheritance. Its inbuilt features include caching, authentication, validation and database access. The MVC pattern support allows reading, deleting, updating and inserting data directly from the database.

Yii 2

This modern, free, open source, easy to use PHP framework is ideal for developing APIs and websites. Rapid development and deployment is possible with Yii thanks to its clean, uncluttered design. Developers are saved the tedious job of repeatedly writing SQL statements, as the database can be modeled on the base of objects. Collection of input is easy and safe. The developer can easily create an app that is efficient, scalable, and easy to maintain. Yii has dedicated packages for security and authentication, and comprehensive configuration is possible. Fast, flexible and easy to install, it encourages testing and encompasses a wide suite of features that make it a hot favorite among developers today.

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Author: Jamsheer is a director and the technical lead at Acodez - web development company in India. Jamsheer has more than 6 years of rich experience in app and software development. He leads the app development team in Acodez