Secret of Running a Successful Blog on Drupal

Secret of Running a Successful Blog on Drupal

Drupal is undeniably one of the best content management systems that you will find anywhere on the planet today. There are so many other content management systems that are available for your selection like WordPress and Joomla, but Drupal is significantly different from these two. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform though. It has millions and millions of sites created on it. The same is the case with Drupal. It is quickly becoming a trend setter; thanks to the quality of service that it provides. With Drupal, you are guaranteed to get quality service.

Blogging on Drupal

Of course this will not come as the first thought when you decide to start a blog. Most people who want to create blogs go for WordPress. This is primarily because there is a lot of content available for guidance. There is no day that you will be stuck when using WordPress and be unable to get help. The same is happening with Drupal. Slowly by slowly, the number of users of this platform is increasing and this generally means that people are able to get help whenever they are stuck.

There have been claims that Drupal is difficult to use and understand. Well, this is not exactly the case because it is quite easy. It is safe to say that Drupal is hard to use at first, but then the moment you understand where the 'forks and knives' are, you have such an easy time going about your businesses on Drupal. This includes starting that blog that you have always wanted to create. Blogs that are based on Drupal typically perform very well on the search engines. Some of the popular websites that use Drupal include the White House's site among others. Another essential part of the blogging from home is the environment. At first, your working place. It mustn't be on the couch or around the cups of tea. It must remind you a little office. So make this home office comfortable and functional as it is possible.

Starting your blogging business

Blogs are more like businesses today - they are a career. People are making really good money through the internet and among the best paying jobs online is blogging. When you start your blogging career, then you can expect to get some really good returns from it. Of course, this is dependent on whether you work hard or not. The first step to starting this blogging business is to install Drupal on your website. This should not be a hefty task. There is a plentiful amount of information available online to help you with installation of Drupal on that website.

Once the installation of Drupal is complete, you should be able to navigate to the web address that contains the script and you will get to see the main page. You can choose to create a new administrative account or log in with your current one. When you log in, then you can create content, edit profile and so much more. So that you can start blogging using Drupal, you will have to enable the blog module which is located in the Modules Area. It is as simple as that.

The only thing that you will be left to do is create content and work on promoting your website. This is usually the hardest part of the work and you will need a lot of help.

Get more people on board

As with any business, you will have to increase the number of employees working for you as time goes. The content creation part is usually very tricky and that is where you are going to need a lot of help. You will have to hire people who will work to make sure that your site gets maximum quality of content. The best thing about online businesses is that you can work from any corner of the planet. This essentially means that you can get people to work for you from all over the world. If you want them to work for a specific period of time, and even pay them for the time they are off, then you can get an employee clocking system such as that which is available on clockspot. There is no reason why you should spend hours on end trying to figure out how much time a certain employee is putting in and how much you should pay them for that.

Clocking systems help a lot in businesses of all sorts, not just in blogging. Usually, employees have to sign in when they get to work and then sign out as they leave. This means that they have to come to the office and do that work. In the event that they forget to do that, then you are probably going to have a problem with payments. On top of that, manual records might not cover for those employees who are constantly out in the field and traveling around meeting your clients. This is why online clocking software comes highly appreciated by many managers. In your blogging business, you will find this to be an amazing way to track how much work your employees are putting in.

Good content for your Drupal blog

There are several tips that you can employ in order to get your blog excellent content. These tips include:

1. Outsourcing the work

Two heads are better than one. When you think about your blog's content on your own, then you are bound to get to that point where your fountain of ideas runs dry. However, with a team of writers helping you out, you can never run out of ideas. There are freelance writers available for you to hire and you can pay them according to their productivity - content they bring in and amount of time they put in.

2. Let ideas simmer

This applies to all blogs not just those that are on Drupal. When you create content, do not post it immediately. Let the ideas ripen- you will get something to add or think of something to subtract within this time.

3. Post frequently and divide work

When you post content frequently, then you give your readers the opportunity to access material each time they visit your site. This in turn increases the traffic to your blog and its success on the search engines. If your blog is about a variety of topics, then you can divide the work to various people- those you believe have the best qualification for the content you have to share.