Major trends to follow for an outstanding web development in 2018

By admin, 31 March, 2018

The year 2018 is expected to bring major tech developments and trends. With the astonishing rise of technology, sci-fi, mixed reality, and development methodologies on upsurge, it is not a surprising fact that all the businesses have to enhance their business strategies. We all know that having an online presence is extremely significant for any company or organization, it is equally important for the web and app development companies to introduce and practice the trends that are helpful in changing the perspective of any business. The field of web development is one of the most rapidly growing fields inculcating major advancements on daily basis. It is necessary to enhance the user friendliness, and navigation of the website according to client’s needs and latest drifts happening in the respective field. Here we are going to categorically talk about the trends and necessary features that should be followed in 2018 to take the web creation to a next level.

Progressive Web Apps - PWA

Any internet user spends most of his time on the mobile than a laptop or desktop. It is convenient to access the world on the go with a mobile device. For this purpose progressive web apps were introduced which are actually websites but they are mobile screen friendly and appear as an app. A major up shift was observed when the businesses especially of the E-commerce websites, when they adapted PWAs. As they have shown major rise in the website’s traffic thus improving the sales and ranking it is obvious that PWAs will be the most followed trend in 2018 in web development.

Websites with a single page only

The year 2018 has been pronounced as the year of simplicity. The trend of having a single page website will increase. The ease of just scrolling down without finding small clickable links to go here and there, is definitely a blessing. Though one page websites are easy to navigate but they still have their limitations as these are not practical for E-commerce websites or the ones who cater to blogs. However, they are the latest trend in the web development companies and definitely will be popular just because of the simplicity and convenience of navigation. Single page websites can be designed more aesthetically and are made it much affordable costing.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are quite common in mobile apps but it is an emerging and a very effective trend in websites. They are especially effective on E-commerce websites as they engage the customers promptly. Their major role is to inform the customers about latest offers or news when the user visits the website and instantly grab their attention.

Motion UI

It is an era of motion graphics. Everyone is already too fond of gifs and animated videos. In this case using motion UI graphics is an extremely brilliant idea. A website can immediately be interactive as soon as it has videos or motion UI involved. It not only makes a website looks bright and colorful but it instantly engages a visitor’s attention. The best part is that they are easy and affordable to make. These motion graphics can be immensely helpful to put across the exact message a business is trying to convince. Another benefit they carry is that they do not consume a client’s time as much as reading.


HTML is a quite common markup language. It obsoleted Flash as their major drawback was that they lacked mobile compatibility. HTML is mobile friendly that is why it does not present any hindrance in the traffic of the website. HTML is for sure the hottest trend in mobile development.

Back to Static websites

A simple website that is basically encoded with HTML is yet again hot in the market. As discussed earlier that 2018 will be the year of simplicity, the moving backward towards the static website is for the same reason. They are not only easier to make but are cheaper too. They are secure, easier to load and now offer many advanced options to the web developers.

Video and pictorial content

As we are well aware that this is the era of visualization. Visitors to the site are more comfortable with the readymade pictorial or graphic content instead of reading the features and qualities. This is especially important for E-commerce websites as they need to show the customers the details of the products they offer. Video content in this case is more effective as the product shown in a well- made video will provide all the necessary details to the clients.


Chatbots are the thing of this era. Staying in constant touch with your clients is becoming more and more important and with emergence and innovation of chatbots it has become easier than ever before. Artificial intelligence is taking over almost every business and it is doing wonders as far as customer care is concerned. Chatbots are able to answer the queries raised by clients, direct and guide them to various pages or sections of the website.


The year 2018 is dawned and any web development company would do everything to make the best out of it. The latest trends that are essential to make any website rank high on search engines and to attract more traffic should be inculcated while developing or revamping a website. Though all of these trends cannot be followed by every type of a website but still they are beneficial for most of them.