Facebook Subscribe Button

Facebook Subscribe Button

This module will automatically add the Facebook code for Facebook Subscribe button which will be displayed in the block and each page node.


  • Size, position, weight, color scheme, font, etc., are all completely customizable by site administrators.
  • Administrators can also control which content type(s) the Facebook Subscribe button will or won't appear on, as well as which role(s) are allowed to view the button (regardless of whether or not the user is logged into Facebook at the time).
  • Along with a Subscribe button appearing for each node, there is an optional block that can be set to appear on each page.
  • By default, the button will only appear on a node's "full" page view. This option is also customizable, however, so that the button(s) will show up on teasers as well.

About Facebook Subscribe Button

Using this button, you can let others subscribe your public updates on your profile.

Facebook Subscribe Button is going to be far more popular than Twitter's follow button for sure. Twitter's follow button let you read his all the tweets. But this Subscribe button only show you public posts that will make you read only important ones, of-course depends on who you are subscribing to. More multi author sites or blogs this will be a great feature. Readers can subscribe writes individually and easily. More at Facebook Subscribe.