WordPress is the Most Accessible Web Platform across the Globe

By heilmann, 20 April, 2015
WordPress is the Most Accessible Web Platform Across the Globe

Started as a simple blogging software, WordPress has now become a complete content management system, which helps you build any type of website of your choice. Using PHP scripting language, it makes blogging very much simple for those who love it. Because of the unlimited power that WordPress provides to its customers, a number of website users have started using this effective CMS to maintain their websites. With its outstanding blogging capacities, this content management system is today’s one of the most preferred content management systems.

Amazing statistics about WordPress

  • More than 55 million comments
  • Nearly 61 million posts every month
  • More than 409 million readers
  • 16.3 billion views per month
  • 116 versions of this CMS
  • 77 million websites

WordPress offers a number of benefits to the users. Significant SEO advantages are one important among them. With the use of this CMS, creative web designs can easily be customized as per a client’s specification. The benefits of WordPress are not just limited to SEO only but extends to great accessibility, quick speed and effective time management along-with saving the valuable time of the user. All these benefits allure developers, bloggers, webmasters and business owner to use this content management system as the main website platform.

Reasons why you should go for WordPress.

A social media friendly platform:

WordPress offers you the opportunity to tag your post automatically to social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This automatic connectivity erase your efforts to log in to each site whenever you post an update. This social media friendly feature of WordPress has offered this CMS a popular choice to consider the same whenever there is a requirement of developing a website. Creative SEO custom abilities are extended benefits.

Higher SEO rankings with AV content:

Audio and video content are easy to add to a website developed using WordPress. This means that site owners have an opportunity to maximize their ranking with additional audio and video clippings attached to their posts. Audio and video clipping are now considered in the search engine results by major browsers like Google and thus adding video links can offer higher SEO ranking to a webpage.

Extended security facilities:

WordPress is designed to be “hacker-proofed” CMS and thus it ensures the security of the content published on this open source blogging system. WordPress offers full protection to the installation of content over the site with its extended security features included while a website is developed over this platform. WordPress can be used by third-party companies to develop their themes and thus this CMS has already been given extended.

Third-party template creation:

WordPress is widely used to create customized themes for specific audiences. The templates are created as per the client’s specification that allows site owner to alter the text, AV content and the images posted. Site owners can easily add-on preferred templates thus providing more professional look to their sites. The requirement of every site varies from one to another depending upon its targeted audience and thus site owners can easily add-on the required theme to their websites.

CMS technology for ease of accessibility:

Accessibility of WordPress over multiple site is another reason that has bought popularity for this effective content management system. It is easy to install on operating systems such as Windows and Linux and thus the site owners can install this CMS over their preferred servers. An additional benefit of WordPress is that the HTML coding of the webpages can easily be displayed on Android devices. iPads, iPhones, and other similar devices can also be used to access a website developed on WordPress.


Due to the higher benefits that WordPress offers as a content management system, the popularity of this platform is raising every day. Its SEO friendly nature attracts site owners to develop their sites using WordPress.

Author Bio: Being a creative WordPress developer at PSDtoWordPressExpert, Williams Heilmann has an specialization in development of website powdered by WordPress. He is updated with current market trends and shares the same through informative write-up. Social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin.