Why it is Necessary for Web Developers and Web Designers to Work Together

Why it is Necessary for Web Developers and Web Designers to Work Together

This is a common sense question: that designers and developers always work together. There are some things on a website that only a designer can do while there are some that a developer can. But at times, they both work apart while working on the same website. The designers create color palettes and create elements and typography that make the website great and attractive, while on the other hand web developer prepares and codes the material for web publishing. And in last this cause discord between the developer and designer in the final design. If these developers and designers work together on any project from start to end, the end result is a more unified web project and great aesthetics, clean code and user interface. There will be less work and amend during the collaborative process, that will end in less time.

Developer vs. designer

Traditionally, there are entirely different job titles of web developers and web designers. Web designers by using Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create the look of the website and elements. This aesthetic is then coded by the developer using CSS, jQuery, Javascript, HTML and other programming languages so that the website can successfully work on the web. While at times developers and designers work from separate rooms or even cities or countries, each of them needs the skills of others in order to create a website. So, it is necessary for them to work together.

Advantages of working together

  • The biggest advantage of working together is to design a complete web project. From the interaction to look to experience the website can only be better when both the designers and developers collaborate.
  • More creative design and brainstorming
  • A more unified finished product
  • You will learn something about how development/design works.
  • Further focus on the goals and mission of the project

Disadvantages of working together

Where there are advantages, there are also some disadvantages of working together:

  1. There is always a cost associated with everything. That cost increases, especially when the designers and developers are not in the same place. Use tools for online sharing and teleconferencing to communicate when you cannot get both of them in the same room at the time of working on the same project.
  2. Sometimes the designers or developers will disagree with something or just won't get along. According to them, we know things better than you. We can handle the work through it.

The Things one can do

If you want to make your project a big success then it is necessary to start it with a clear communication. Web developers and web designers must have to put the project in front of them first, then think about the big picture and make decisions and process. This is the phase where you will win as well as lose some fights. So, both of you must need to think out of the box in order to make your project successful.

If you both are working at the same place the best idea is to go for a lunch or coffee, get to know each other as well as their style of working and draw the first wire frame or sketch. If you are working in a team it is better to set some rules at this stage only.

Before starting work it is necessary to check the schedule of both the teams and make sure that everyone must be present on time. Offer constructive criticism, be nice to one another and welcome feedback from others.

Top tips for web designers

  • Explain design theory to the developers in a simple way so that they can understand clearly from where the aesthetics is coming.
  • Don't leave the things in the middle and expect that developer will complete it. Design completely. Create elements in each state before time and have it ready.
  • If need any help, don't hesitate to ask for it. This will help you complete your work in a better way.
  • Provide web design elements in the file format that is usable by all and it must be in appropriate size and resolution for web use.

Top tips for web developers

  • You must have some knowledge about design. Knowing little about type and color and even the lingo as it goes the long way.
  • Be frank about the things you can and can't do. If your web designer, is not doing anything right it is better to say something before the time rather than later.
  • Don't leave everything to the designer. Always be available to help and answer questions during the entire design process.
  • Keep yourself involved in the entire process. Make sure the ideas you share will work with UX.

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