What should Android App developers Do In 2015

By ashni, 12 February, 2015
What should Android App developers Do In 2015

Android has already become the topmost platform in terms of market share and functionality. Like every year, in this year too the app development organizations and programmers should have to shift the paradigm in Android application marketing and coding in order to boost the profit and optimize the business. The year 2015 will be a great year for Android market and to reap the benefit, there is a requirement to deploy the following things effectively:

Index Android Application For Google Search

Just like website indexing, now application developers can index the app, so that online searchers can reach your content in app easily. This method can enhance application presence in the digital market place. You should use the Google webmaster tool to study how can you boost the presence of application in the search engine page, so that you can improve the users’ engagement. Here are few tips that you should follow while indexing the app, such as:

1. Grants Development Team Access Permission To Webmaster Tools

For successful indexing, it is necessary that your development team should be aware of all the issues regarding app content. This is possible, when your development team can access the webmaster tool. The webmaster tools provide reports comprising error in indexed pages, total number of clicks in app from Google search and stats of the site map. By getting those information, the developers can improve the app indexing effectively.

2. Ensure That All Resources Can Be Crawled By Google Algorithm

It is imperative that all the resources regarding the app should be left unblocked, so that Google can easily deliver the content associated with application page to the users easily. If you witness any error like “Content Mismatch”, then this means that there is a blocked content, so unblock that page.

3. Monitor Your Application Performance Properly

Google provides report regarding weekly click and impression updates that you can access from the Message Center available in Webmaster Tools account. Moreover, you can also monitor how much web traffic your application deep links are bringing. By monitoring all these things, you can identify the searchers’ behavior and improve the content.

4. Checkout All Errors In Android Application

Besides Content mismatch and Not Supported Internet URL error, Google also provides report on other errors, such as APK not found (when Google not able to find package associated with App), Back button violation (back button is not directing user to search result) and No first-click free (link in the app is not working). Therefore, it is imperative to checkout all these issues.

Embed Analytics Tool with Your App

Set up the Google analytics with your application in order to find out users’ behavior with your application. Google analytics is the best tool that makes it easy for you to access that how your application is working. Moreover, the application owner can easily track their app users throughout different mobile devices of Android platform.

Focus On Application For Wearable Devices

According to the study, it has been evaluated that 15% of 5 million devices that have been sold are Android wear devices. Even though the Android wear devices are in their infancy stage, they hold the unprecedented market share. It has been estimated that in the near future, the Android wearable devices will boom, i.e it will have the largest number of customers. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for developers to launch app for wearable devices.

Consider Application For Android TV

Today, most of the people are looking for Smart TV. Therefore, Google is planning to launch Google TV that can compete with Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku. According to report, the total number of smart TV and its accessories will reach to 330 million by 2017. Hence, it is required to focus on building app that can be used for Android TV.


The changing time demands change in application requirement. The year 2015 will be suitable for Android devices, such as wearable device and TV. Moreover, the concept of application marketing has also changed. Everyone should take help of Google analytics and do indexing.

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