What is Learning Management Software and Why Do Corporations Need It?

In a corporate world constantly driven by regulations and compliance, it comes as no surprise that most companies are now using Learning Management Systems as a way to keep accurate records. But what is a learning management system? Does it really help in making your company better? Here is a guide to help you better understand what a learning management systems do.

What is a LMS?

A Learning Management System, or LMS, is a software-based platform that provides you the capability to make, deliver and report on your company's meetings, training sessions and programs. LMS software can also facilitate and manage your employees' eLearning programs. It has become a very powerful resource for companies that are aiming to boost their employees' performance and retention.

Uses of LMS for Your Company

Track and Record Training

LMS software is used to keep track of the training courses an employee has attended, and how well they performed during the training. LMS software is designed to record eLearning courses and traditional training courses as well. Training your employees will help them in their development and maintain compliance requirements set by the government. It also has the ability to remind managers when the training was completed, and when refresher training will need to be conducted.

Audit Proofing

LMS softwares can generate detailed reports in real time on who took a particular training course and how well they did in the training. This results in a simpler and easier way to audit your company for ISO and other requirements.

Content Availability

It is common knowledge that 70% of what is learned in school is forgotten once we enter into the workforce. LMS that has eLearning courses makes it easy for employees to go back to their lessons to review and consistently improve their knowledge, regardless of location.

What Advantages Does LMS Give Your Company?

Time Efficient

When compared with traditional training methods, LMS can greatly enhance your company's training process. Traditional training is inefficient when compared to LMS because your employees have to take extensive time away from their regular duties to attend a class, and may have to travel just to attend the training. Having LMS software will help you save time and travel expenses. Employees that need to undertake the training can just log in to the system and complete the courses whenever they like and wherever they are.

Cost Efficient

Traditional training can waste time and money. It entails payment for the location, instruction and travel expenses. Having LMS saves your company expenses, and all of the training modules needed are all found online, meaning your employees can access them anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection.

Diverse Training Methods

With LMS you have a lot of choices on how you can approach training, which will help you find the most appropriate one to use for a specific subject and audience. LMS software provides you choices from different media types and assessments that suit the needs of a particular business.

Reusable Training Materials

LMS allows the uploading of your traditional training materials to be able to save and archive your training records. Training files such as slideshows, PDFs and videos can be easily uploaded without any costs. This also means you don't need to pay a technical expert to do them.

Automated Tasks

For most companies, one of the most difficult parts of conducting training is trying to manage the training session. From informing your employees about the training, totracking who completed the course and what their results were, can be a stressful thing to do. With LMS, these tasks become automated. Using the system, the organizer can just add the names of the employees and then enroll them on the appropriate training modules needed. The system can also administer tests, disseminate certificates and compile reports. This means you have more free time to work on more important tasks.


One of the best advantages a learning management software can provide your company is the invaluable information that you can get. LMS can give you much needed reports on the completion rates of training exams, a history of training conducted, and the progress of each employee. These statistics can help managers determine how effective their training is, if their employees are learning at an established rate, and whether the training is benefiting the company.

Having a learning management system will definitely help build the company that you have been aiming for. But not all LMS software are the same, so it is crucial that you look for the right one that suits the type of your company and can give a reliable solution to your company's needs.