What are the business benefits of DevSecOps?

By admin, 15 November, 2021

DevSecOps is the latest buzzword in the software development landscape. This model helps to automatically bake in security in every phase of the software development lifecycle. It helps to speed up secured software development at the speed of DevOps. There are some significant benefits of DevSecOps for development, security, and operations. It automates the security throughout the software development cycle that starts with initial designing and goes on till the delivery. The other benefit is that it helps in increasing the speed. By integrating DevSecOps in the software development procedure, developers can deliver enhanced, secured, faster, and cheaper.

Faster and cost-effective delivery of software

Developing applications in a non-DevSecOps environment can give rise to huge delays in deliveries. As the developers would reach an advanced stage of the development process, they would have to face issues for which they would have to fix codes and do several other things. All these processes are not only time-consuming but also are quite expensive. By integrating DevSecOps, the process becomes rapid and thus saves time. At the same time, it also helps in reducing the cost by lowering the need for process repetition for security issues. Basically, it helps in cutting out the duplicative reviews and unnecessary rebuilds which results in a more secure code.

Proactive and improved overall security

One of the best things about DevSecOps is that it introduces the concept of cybersecurity from the beginning of the software development cycle. The codes will be reviewed, audited, scanned, and tested at each stage of the development cycle to enhance the overall security. The issues are addressed as soon as they are identified and hence the problems get fixed before they give rise to any further issues. In this way, the whole process becomes more secure. DevSecOps reduces the time for patching vulnerabilities and thus, freeing up the security team to focus on work that has a much higher value. This helps in simplifying compliances.

Better patching for security vulnerabilities

One of the key benefits of DevSecOps is how quickly and efficiently it manages the newly identified security vulnerabilities. It integrates vulnerability scanning and patching into the release cycle. It also diminishes the ability to identify and patch common vulnerabilities and exposure.

Automation compatibility and modern development

The task of cybersecurity testing can easily be integrated with an automated test suite for the operations team if the given organization follows a continuous integration pipeline for shipping their software. The process of automation security checks depends primarily on the projects, along with the goals of the organization. The automated testing procedure can ensure the software dependencies are incorporated at the right patch level. It also confirms that the software would pass the security unit testing. It can also test and secure codes with static and dynamic analysis until the final update gets promoted to production.

Repeatable and adaptive process

The security posture matures with the maturity of an organization. The DevSecOps lends itself to adaptive and repetitive tasks. It ensures that the security is applied throughout the environment, as it changes and gets adaptive to the new requirements. For carrying out a mature implementation of DevSecOps, it is essential to incorporate solid automation, configuration management, immutable infrastructure, etc.

The concept of DevSecOps involves a very natural and necessary evolution. The whole process is done in a way that the concerned organization would approach security. Previously, the security side of software development was handled at the end of the project, by a dedicated security team and quality assurance team. But this is only manageable when the software updates were released once or twice a year. But as the software started adopting the DevSecOps practices, it aimed to reduce the timing of the whole process efficiently.

DevSecOps helps in integrating applications and infrastructure security seamlessly. It helps to address the security issues when they are easier or less complicated. The whole software development process becomes less expensive too. It also makes the applications and infrastructure security a shared responsibility, rather than leaving everything on a dedicated team. It automates the delivery of secured software without hampering the speed of software development.