VPS Hosting - The Right Option for Your Business

The web hosting choice you make for your business has the potential to either propel your to success or significantly limit your operations. A fact that every organization has to deal with is that each day more and more websites are added to the already crowded internet calling for an enhanced solution if you are to stand out from the crowd. Web servers are the core of any web page as they facilitate the processing and loading of the information on the internet to make it accessible to other third-parties. The increased number of websites on the internet and sticking to free hosting or shared hosting services has, however, come with a considerable share of disadvantages that can only be resolved through VPS hosting.

The first limitation of free and shared hosting is the frequent downtime which invalidates the essence of having a website. Any time your site is inaccessible because of the high number of parties who share a single server thus making it overcrowded, you slowly but progressively lose your market reputation. No client is ever going to regularly visit a site which gives them an error message each time as it is proof of an unreliable organization. KnownHost is giving you the chance to completely eliminate this problem by having VPS hosting services with the proven average uptime of 99%.

The other problem that comes with shared hosting services is the lack of complete control of the servers. This means that you lack the dedicated resources which will give you a guaranteed performance at all times making your online presence more of a gamble. However, with the managed VPS hosting solutions provided by KnownHost, you have total power and control of your servers. You will also be free from the spillover effects common in shared hosting where a single bad user can make the whole server to crash. As a business after sustainability, the risks that come from such potential problems are often too much to bear and can be easily corrected by upgrading to VPS hosting.

Speed is another vital factor if you want your website to have increased traffic as no internet user will have the patience to wait on a page that takes forever to load. Since VPS hosting gives you unlimited dedicated server resources, you can easily beat the limitations of slow loading web pages for an enhanced user experience. You will also have the freedom of adding more content to your web pages without having to worry about the drawbacks of long processing times thereby increasing the popularity of your site.

Finally, VPS hosting is preferable if you cannot meet the high costs of having a dedicated server but still want the joys of having a superior system. Virtual private servers allow you to only pay for what you need to use without the burden of excessive resources currently not required. The variety of choice when settling for a VPS plan also gives you the flexibility of having a customized plan that meets your current demands. On the need for an upgrade, you can quickly scale the resources provider unlike in dedicated hosting where you will have to add to the current RAM size physically.

Why VPS hosting is ideal for your online business

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, there are more reasons why you should opt for VPS hosting services. Here are some core advantages of VPS hosting:

1. Increased reliability

Unlike shared hosting where you have to share resources with other users, a virtual private server (VPS) gives you full control of your platform. For the case of shared hosting, one bad user can make the whole server crash down. Going by the numbers of customers that shared web hosting companies are piling on a single server, the dependability of their solutions will soon diminish. Besides, since there is an overload of users, the performance and uptime of your website are bound to go down. It's crucial to ask yourself whether you are willing to face such kinds of issues with your site, particularly if it's used mainly for business.

2. Better online and offline performance

The performance of your website is perhaps the most crucial aspect for the success of your online business. Visitors expect faster-loading speed and quicker response times. A site that takes much time to load content limits the visitor from performing their needs. Other than restricting your online presence, slow load times also disrupt the online sessions like live customer support, live chats, and webinars. VPS hosting solutions offer a solution that can improve your online presence and performance to help you grow your business and it's ROI.

3. Gain full control of the server

One of the best things about selecting VPS hosting is that you get the entire root access to the server. This is critical as it lets you have full control of the server environment to adjust it to your liking - for instance, if you require opening a port or installing a software package, you can do so without the need to wait for the hosting company to support it. Shared servers are often optimized for performance and security and therefore do not support lots of common software packages because of the security restrictions.

4. Scale resources instantly

If you are just getting started with your website, and have hopes to expand your business soon, then it is critical to consider how possible it is to scale your hosting resources without any technical issues or downtime. Luckily, with the VPS server, your environment is hosted within a "container". Often, this container gets a specific amount of resources according to your package type. Should you want to grow or downscale your business, you can easily assign more or fewer resources to match your needs.

For instance, If you are expecting a spike in the number of clients visiting your platform and need to boost your ram as soon as possible, a VPS server allows you to increase your ram with a click of a button. It also lets you reduce the ram as soon as you like to do that. But if you were using dedicated hosting, then you'll need a professional to come and install the ram into your system, physically. And if you think about it, you will have lost lots of traffic because of the downtime.

5. Cost savings

It's easy to imagine that shared hosting is cost effective because you get to pay way less to host your platform. However, the cost of ownership is high, especially if you factor in the amounts of downtime, the number of lost clients, as well as all other inconveniences that are associated with shared resources. Besides, unlike years back when VPS hosting was highly priced, today, the solutions are far much affordable. And with the advancements in visualization techniques, the prices are only set to go further down. For this reason, VPS hosting is now the go-to option for websites of all sizes - irrespective of whether it's a startup website or one for an already established business.

Here's the deal, For as little as $28 per month, you can get an SSD virtual private server, which is as cheap as numerous shared hosting accounts, but without the performance issues and risks linked to them. The trick is to do your due diligence to ensure you are working with a trusted provider.


Once you choose to upgrade to a virtual private server solution, it's likely that you won't look back ever. It is imperative to work with a provider who allows for easy management, this way; you get full control over scaling your solution as well as upgrades. Many VPS packages also feature a popular control panel that will address all your needs regarding managing and controlling your website.