The Ultimate Guide to Java Certification: Best Courses Forever

The Ultimate Guide to Java Certification: Best Courses Forever

The Java language originally developed in the year 1991, currently being used at various places from the development of a simple calculator to advanced machine learning models. Whether we talk about the standalone, desktop, enterprise or web application- java is involved everywhere. Currently, 3 billion devices run Java and the demand is continuously increasing. In this technological lake, if you are planning to build your career through Java, this is the correct time. You can join any of these courses and get a highly paid job in the IT industry. Here are the best Java certification programs accessible easily over the internet. Join any of them and feel the magic of Java in your career. Let's explore the list:

Simplilearn Java Certification Program

Simplilearn is ranked among the top most influential education board offering various distance learning programs. One can easily go through plenty of courses accessible from anywhere. The Java Certification Course offered by Simplilearn is designed for beginners to professionals who can dive deeper inside the various advanced concepts of Java programming. Whether you have no prior coding experience, this course will provide you with the complete tutorial about Java 8.

This Java Certification offers two projects named Employees Management System and Home Insurance where you will master developing Java application. Also, it covers the core Java concepts such as arrays, loops, constructors, methods, JDBC, JUnit, JSP, Hibernate, SOA like backend framework. If you have just marked your presence in this developing world, no worry, this course is specially designed to teach you from the beginning filling the main pillars of the development.

Java Programming by Duke University (Coursera)

This certification is offered by Duke University. Filled with the basic Java to advanced Android App Development, it covers the whole key programming concepts and algorithm designing to simplify real-world complex problems. Here, you will able to explore more about the Javascript, HTML, CSS, constructors, arrays, application design, recommendation system designing and much more cool stuff. It will also allow you to learn about testing and debugging your application. This certification offers 5 courses:

  • Programming fundamental through JavaScript, HTML and CSS where you will learn to develop web pages.
  • Problem Solving with Softwares: Here, you will learn about algorithm designing and program debugging like concepts.
  • Arrays, list and structured data concept in Java.
  • Principals of Software Designing: Divide and conquer the real world problems and solve them with the classes.
  • Recommendation System Design to strengthen your coding skills with practical implementation.

Oracle Java Certification Exam (Whizlabs)

This exam was previously called the Sun Java Certification Exam is specially designed for key job roles in software development. There are four types of certification level to enter through this exam. They are:

  • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  • Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)
  • Oracle Certified Master (OCM)

Associate level certification is for beginners who just entered in Java programming. Again, all other certifications are designed to boost up your Java knowledge by adding some extra tactics in the application development and enterprise architecture. Depending upon your requirement you can enrol in the respective course and take this exam.

The main motive for this exam to check whether you fit in your industry role or not? You need a sufficient understanding of the respective field to pass these exams.

Oracle Java Certification by Udemy

Udemy offers various Java courses for beginners to professionals. Here, you will cover the basic set up for installation to control flow, strings, arrays, class design etc., like modules. After passing the exam, you will become the Oracle Certified Associate Java 8 Programmer. Apart from the Associate, Udemy also offers OCA, OCP programming certification for Java application development. These courses are filled with attractive explanatory videos hosted by industries experts.

Whether you are preparing interviews, academics, higher pay jobs etc., this certification is another option for adding skills in your resume. They also offer masterclass for java developers which cover concepts like Java Generics, Abstract class, Autoboxing, Polymorphism, Inheritance etc. Once you are done with ground level understanding, you are all set to go further for Android App Designing and many more complex development trends.

Java Certification by Oracle University

This course is for new technologists, professionals as well as enterprises. Once covered, you will get a digital badge, eCertificate and access to certification portal. You will get access to a cloud-based environment for work, the higher salary than the non-certified colleagues and become the Oracle Partner Network. 93 percent of managers said that IT certifications provide the best candidate for the job, as they are valuable to the company.

Thus, you can see that there are varieties of certifications to choose from. Whether you have no prior knowledge of programming or you have experience in the industry, there is something to explore.