Trends in the Online Travel Sector in the last decade

By Lucas S, 11 January, 2016
Trends in the online travel sector in the last decade

With the online revolution that seems to have gripped every corner of the globe, industries are increasingly acting to reap the many benefits of this phenomenon, and the travel industry has certainly not been left out.

Technology and travel industry

The challenge for the travel industry has always been to find the right markets and channel investment to ensure everyone benefits from the increased demand for global travel. To make the most of this you need to keep up with the changing technological trends. Innovations in technology have made it possible for travel companies to foster a more personal, connected and sustainable solution for catering to the needs of customers. It means if you are looking for Los Angeles vacation accommodation to suit your needs and budget, you will be able to do so sitting in the comfort of your home rather than visiting a travel agency.

With the availability of apps that help you plan your journey from just about anywhere, finding accommodation, even in the busiest locale, is now possible without leaving your house or hotel room.

Trends in online travel sector

Content marketing – Marketing is important to boost the image of your company and to create publicity. By using social media, travel businesses can encourage people to check out certain vacation spots or inform them about the availability of Los Angeles vacation accommodation - for instance, for the entire family. This content marketing strategy has helped various travel companies reach a larger audience and thereby improve their revenues and profitability.

Online technology – Since individuals are increasingly connected to the Internet, the need for an online presence is essential if you want to provide customers with a good online experience. The use of smartphones has revolutionized the travel industry. This is why you need to make sure that your online website is compatible and works well with these devices. A mobile-friendly and responsive website is no longer a choice, it is a necessity, as a large percentage of people use handheld devices to access the Internet. However, the online technology must be easy to use, and the backend should be simple and uncomplicated.

Customizing your online platform – A customized platform will appeal more to customers. You need to be able to cater to customers’ expectations. You should design your site in a way that provides each customer with a personalized touch based on their previous searches, bookings and other experiences. Some companies have gone one step ahead and provided their customers with personalized newsletters that offer discounts, travel tips and other travel-related topics.

A well-designed app – Since apps are increasingly responsible for making the travel booking experience so much easier for people, if you wish to join the club and help your company benefit from the potential benefits of technology you need to ensure your travel app is well designed, offering features that attract users. A clear design that is easy to work through will make the app more accessible and attractive to potential customers. Scrolling through different pages should be simple and easy. Apps are facilitating convenience to such an extent that you can get a cab to your doorstep, book vacation accommodation on the go or hire a vehicle, all just with access to the right travel app. Uber, the online taxi ordering service, is a good example of a well-designed app. The Uber app allows a customer to book a cab from anywhere with a few simple steps.

Emerging trends in the travel market

The idea of connected living, which is expected to appear in the next decade, will bring about innovations in this field. Similarly, mobility is expected to improve in the next couple of years. International accommodation will be more in demand, and it is predicted that there will be a drop in the demand for accommodation on domestic trips. Social media trends are likely to change and this will result in socio-economic changes in every sphere. All of this will certainly affect the travel industry in unforeseeable ways.

The use of new technology to plan your entire trip and even book your stay beforehand is making the travelling experience a far easier task than it once was. Travel apps like FlightTrack Pro, Trip It and others provide people with all the vacation details they will need, from flight bookings, hotels and directions to the number of international flights available and more. This allows people to plan their entire trip and minimize the chances of being unprepared.

There is no denying the influence of technology in helping the travel industry improve its performance. With an online presence and customized webpages and travel apps that help travelers to experience an easy and convenient trip, the traveling experience has certainly never been simpler.