Top Google Analytics Alternatives To Increase Conversions

When it comes to analytics tools, Google Analytics is the first name that comes up in every marketer's mind. In fact, Google Analytics is the most popular platform in the analytics world with more than 27.7 million active users. However, there may be some instances where you might feel the need to use other tools apart from. Here, in this article, I will discuss some of the top Google Analytics alternatives that are great to use and offer some unique features that Google Analytics doesn't.

1 - Clicky

Clicky helps more than 1.2 million websites in analyzing and monitoring their traffic in real-time. It not only displays the total number of active users on the website, but it also displays every individual visitor and page view/event.


Clicky widget allows you to launch heatmaps to know where visitors are clicking on pages without even leaving your site. Additionally, you can segment heatmaps by goals, split tests, and visitor sessions.

The uptime monitoring feature sends alerts immediately when your website goes offline, allowing you to restore it as soon as possible so you don't lose even one potential customer.

Even if you're a blogger and have hosted your website on Wordpress, you can integrate the official plugin to your blog in order to track outbound links, get email reports, and real-time data of your visitors.

2 - Finteza

Finteza is yet another powerful analytics tool that provides specialized solutions to marketers who want to increase conversions while reducing expenses.


In less than a year, Finteza has crossed 700 million unique visitors and 11 billion page views. Unlike any other analytics tool, Finteza is custom-made to handle high-load powerful projects. It has the potential to analyze huge traffic volumes without affecting website operation.

The multi-step traffic quality measurement feature identifies 12 types of bad traffic. You can easily compare the performance of various pages and optimize the same to increase the conversion rate.

Their built-in advertising engine helps you sell ad spaces, accept payments, manage banner rotation and analyze all the reports at the same time on one platform.

3 - Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics helps you segment a business's customer data using behavioral analytics. Unlike other analytics tools, Kissmetrics provides user-based data instead of session-based data.


Kissmetrics sends automated behavioral engagements at the right time to the right customers, increasing customer engagement. This will help you turn your prospects into loyal and returning customers.

You can easily define and track key customer segments based on their online behavior. Kissmetrics also provides a full report of customer journey across devices, without sampling or history limits.

The unlimited testing and A/B reports feature of Kissmetrics allows businesses to test changes without affecting their production.

4 - Woopra

Woopra provides end-to-end customer journey analytics for everyone including product, marketing, sales, and support teams. You can easily track, analyze, and optimize every touchpoint of all the customers with the help of detailed reports by Woopra.

You can combine various attributes to understand how users move through your website and marketing campaigns. It will help you figure out what works best for your business and increase conversions.


The trends reports by Woopra helps you comprehend the attributes and key metrics that drive performance. With the help of built-in triggers, you can take real-time action based on user behavior.

Woopra can be easily integrated with SalesForce, Marketo, and Zendesk. Also, you can analyze data from email and live chat in order to create custom reports.

5 - Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a data analytics tool that assists businesses in evaluating the quality of engagement and interactions across all the devices. With the insights provided by Mixpanel, marketers can make smarter decisions and boost conversions.

Mixpanel allows users to define key business metrics and identify the patterns that mean the most to your business. Mixpanel also provides an A/B testing feature for you to identify the best combination for your business.


Using Mixpanel, you can easily understand why users convert through correlation analysis and data science techniques. You can further use the data to engage and retain customers. This will not only help you increase conversions, but it will also help you improve user experience.

The versatile data visualization feature of Mixpanel helps businesses identify who your users are and where they drop off. Businesses can further send automated messages via Mixpanel to increase conversions and retention rates.

Bottom Line

Since Google Analytics is a free tool, the features it provides are limited. Therefore, users prefer to use its alternatives to increase conversions. However, before purchasing the premium version of any tool, use the free-trial of it in order to understand if it is best for your business or not.