Top 6 IT Jobs for 2019

Technology has been a booming field for many years now. It is gradually penetrating each sphere of human activity - from education to medicine to marketing - and increases demand for versatile specialists. There are numerous jobs out there, which makes it even more difficult to choose the right one. How do you handle this challenge and come out a winner? Let's check the list of IT jobs that will be in the mainstream of the year 2019. By the way, robots are highly unlikely to occupy these professions. At least in the next X hundred years. So, one of them is definitely going to be your safe bet.

Web Developer

Web developers build websites. With the rapid increase of e-commerce and e-learning, this skill will stay relevant for decades from now. It's important to note though that a web developer is a multifaceted profession that involves numerous roles. You can work with the front or the back end, you can focus on the desktop or mobile optimization, website architecture or user experience - it depends on your individual preferences and skills.

As a web developer, your primary task is writing code, or ensure the maximum speed and usability of the end product. You will also need to fix unexpected bugs and errors as well as work with web designers to ensure that both the website layout and the user interface are optimized. You will obviously need to be aware of the HTML/CSS practices, programming languages, such as JavaScript, PHP, etc., and the basics of SEO.

However, there is more to this job than meets the eye. A web developer often works in a team with other developers. Thus, communication becomes crucial. You will often need to consult with your teammates about various executive decisions as well as garner and synthesize their feedback. Who knows, maybe, one day you will become a lead developer and increase your salary by half. But even if you don't, the medium salary for this position is over 50k dollars, which is quite attractive in itself.

Software Engineer

Software engineers build programs. It can be a mobile application like Google Fit or a more advanced desktop program like Photoshop (although it does have a mobile version). They are more proficient in programming languages than web developers and concern themselves less with the user experience. Their medium salary reaches $80,000, often going above this sum.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the demand for this position is expected to increase by 17% by 2024. And it comes as no surprise. Today's cutting-edge technology offers a large scope of imagination both for businesses and government entities. That is why they constantly seek innovative solutions which could give them a competitive edge. As a software engineer, you not just write, edit and test programs. You make the world a better and a more comfortable place to live for millions of people.

IoT Developer

The Internet of things is going to be big in the near future. The demand will increase exponentially. So you will have all chances to get this lucrative position, especially considering how narrow the current pool of talent is. However, as you might expect, it will be quite hard. You will need to master a wide range of skills, which is going to take a lot of time and effort. Let a 95k medium salary inspire you.

As an IoT developer, you will need to have a firm grasp of the concepts related to artificial intelligence and machine learning, data science and deep learning. IoT technology is sensor-based: special sensors imbedded in the product collect data from the external environment and send that information to the cloud. This is where it's analyzed, and the necessary action is initiated. You will need to know every step of the process thoroughly in order to be a successful IoT developer.

Unlike the previous two positions, IoT developers deal much more with hardware programming. You will also need to know the functioning principles of the operating systems like Linux like the palm of your hand. Apart from hardware, you must also possess extensive knowledge of software development. This is especially relevant when it comes to mobile devices, as many people nowadays prefer smartphones to computers.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity issues are rampant in today's world. That is why many companies are on the search for talented cybersecurity analysts and engineers who can help them keep sensitive information inaccessible to online perpetrators. As a cybersecurity engineer, first and foremost, you will design system architectures as well as automation threat detection scripts that will keep the company's data safe. You will work and update the security guidance documents and propose solutions for improving the company's security policies. You will conduct vulnerability tests and craft security assessments that should help the company avoid being affected by harmful malware.

Cybersecurity engineers are not just people who install firewalls and prevent intrusion accidents. They are the people who can save the company's time, money and effort. But not only that is important. After every security breach, companies suffer great reputation damage, which prevents their customers from trusting them again. That is why a position of a cybersecurity engineer is so appreciated and well-paid: the median salary goes beyond $70,000 a year.

Data Scientist

As you might have noticed, data is everywhere. Its amounts have been increasing exponentially, and it's becoming harder and harder to make sense of the surrounding world. This is where data scientists step in and help companies as well as individuals choose the right course of action and achieve their objectives. Data scientists employ scientific methods to address issues related to business. As a data scientist, you would use various data analysis programs and algorithms to spot the patterns, single out the essential information and develop logical and original solutions. Unlike software engineers who often complain about the lack of communication and human interaction, data scientists almost always work in teams. It's because their job is so complex that it is humanly impossible for one person to possess all the necessary skills to do it right.

But do not let the complexity scare you away. According to Glassdoor, data scientists report the highest satisfaction rates among all tech professions. In addition, their medium salary often goes above $90,000. This profession definitely deserves your attention.

IT Copywriter

All the previous jobs heavily depend on tech knowledge, but what is left for the humanities majors? Can you work in IT when you do not have the corresponding computer science or software development education? Absolutely! Coders may be good at building a website, but what about its content? This is where you as an IT copywriter can be of help.

IT copywriters are people who know how to sell a product. They must possess relevant marketing experience and creative writing skills in order to run a successful promotion campaign. A variety of IT writing services have emerged in recent years to meet all kinds of writing needs. WriterCheap is one of the examples. Without an IT copywriter, there is no customer. That is why this position is becoming more and more appreciated in the IT sector.

Ensure Yourself a Bright Future - Go Tech

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, tech sector is the fastest-growing one in the United States. That is why if you do not want to ever worry about lucrative employment, you should definitely go for it. It's not for everybody. But if you've got a knack for it, there are multiple online sources available to get started.

The exciting news is that the possibilities are countless, so you are bound to find the sphere you truly enjoy. Businesses and governmental agencies, factories and NGOs - everybody needs a qualified tech person in their staff. So, stop hesitating and start learning now.