Top 12 WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

By Hannah, 19 January, 2016

If you’ve landed here and are looking for some of the best WordPress pricing table plugins, you must already be running a fabulous business on your WordPress blog. For that, we’d like to congratulate you! Not too many blog/website owners are where you are—even though they’d like to be. We’re also really glad you chose WordPress as a platform, because it makes so many tasks real simple to do, including inserting a pricing table plugin. A pricing table is a great way to allow your visitors to visualize how much your product or service will cost them, and how one pack of features avaries from the other.

The best pricing tables are those that allow visitors to easily grasp the differences between their options and see the value of your product. And to make it easy, we’ve listed down twelve best WordPress pricing table plugins for you.

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Table

You can grab this one for $18 on a regular license. If you’re looking for something responsive at a reasonable rate, this is a good choice. It includes 2 table styles (light and dark) and 20 predefined color options. There is also responsive mode configuration along with an admin panel with live configuration.

Pure CSS Responsive Pricing Table Plugin for WordPress

This one is by Envato and you can get it for $18 with six months support. Compared to the previous plugin, this one has more color and style options. If you’re looking for a long list of customization options, this is a top choice. The best thing about plugin is that does not require any kind of coding knowledge. It has all been done for you!

WP Table Manager

You would love this plugin if you love to work with spreadsheets. The plugin offer simple Excel-style editing. You can also import your Excel tables or export them for further editing if you like. The prebuilt tables are good enough, but if you want something more, you can code up the look and feel of your design. Since, AJAX will automatically save your data you won’t have to worry about crashing browsers or other computer issues. This costs $24 with six months support.

Easy Pricing Table Lite by Fatcat Apps

This pricing table offered by Fatcat Apps is available on If you’re looking for something cute, responsive, and easy-to-use, this is a great choice. No coding is required for this one so you can easily set it up and publish it on your website within just five minutes! It comes with plenty of colors, toolkits, pricing toggles, designs (ten), and much more. The basic plan is offered for free, but you can also upgrade it to premium if you prefer.

Kento Pricing Table FREE

Here’s another free pricing table offered on If you’re unwilling to spend a dime on something fancy and just need something simple to show your pricing plans in a snap, this is a good option. This plugin is easy to setup, easy to customize, and allows you to create unlimited tables. There are plenty of theme options to choose from and you can even add a background image of your choice. Check out the video tutorial if you need help with setup.

PriceFish Pricing Tables

This plugin comes with a set of powerful tools to help publish the pricing table of your choice to your website. It comes packed with features and is really, really easy to use. The tables you can create with this plugin are the perfect blend of aesthetics, professionalism, and functionality. This one is also offered for free at

Plugmatter Pro Pricing Table Plugin

If you are looking for quality and paying a good amount is not a big problem for you, then we would recommend you to choose Plugmatter Pro Pricing Table Plugin. Being a service provider, it is your responsibility to treat your customers in the best way possible. And, Plugmatter Pro is not only going to make the pricing process easy for your customers, but it will also provide them with the best user experience. If you are not a tech savvy individual who always likes to stay away from coding, grab your hands on this amazing plugin. It doesn’t even require you to learn the basics of coding because it can be operated by a 3 years old child quite easily.

Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables

Have you ever seen a pricing plugin with more than 250 plus templates? Well, Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables contains everything you and your customer wants. To make the buying process easy for customers, choosing this plugin can turn out to be a sensible option. The plugin is responsive and can be used with all the latest versions of WordPress.

WordPress Pricing Table Plugin Pro

If your aim is to boost the conversion rate, then WordPress Pricing Table Plugin Pro can be a legit selection. It is quite different from other similar kind of plugins that usually consume lot of time and require coding sense for installation. If you are a newbie and don’t have command over WordPress, just feel free to install this plugin. By using WordPress Pricing Table Plugin, you will be allowed to add unlimited coupons to entertain your customers. So, what are you waiting for?

Pricer Ninja Tables

If you have already invested too much on other things and you are left with a minimum budget, use Pricer Ninja Tables. It is absolutely free and comes with a drag and drop option. When running an online business, satisfying customers is a daunting task. However, this plugin can be used to provide a smooth and error-free pricing option. Pricer Ninja Tables is easily available in the WordPress repository. All you need to do is search the plugin and it will not take more than a minute to get installed.


Because of incredible options, Upricing allows the admin to make necessary changes. With unlimited fonts and colors options, you can delight your customers by providing them with a professional and elegant pricing table. Remember if you are successful in offering an unforgettable and unique buyer’s journey, no one can stop you achieve the topmost position within the industry. For this, you definitely need a perfect pricing table to help your customers make their buying decisions.

POWr Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

As a service provider, it is extremely essential for you to install a responsive pricing table. Customers and potential buyers are making purchases through smartphones. Therefore, using a highly responsive pricing plugin has become a requirement. Keeping the responsiveness in mind, we would recommend you to install Powr Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugin.

In this highly competitive business era, customer satisfaction is what builds up the reputation. By using the aforementioned pricing plugins, we are pretty sure that you will be able to assure customers with a reliable buying process. In fact, you don’t need to be an expert of coding because all these plugins can be installed quite easily.

About Author: Hannah Lewis is an educationist by profession with a passion for writing and poetry. She’s currently working at Essay Plus where she helps students in their academic assignments.