Tips for preparing effectively for the mock examination

By ashleyalbert, 28 November, 2015
Tips for preparing effectively for the mock examination

Mocks are the pre-exams that students face before their final exams. These exams are a kind of dummy exams and are held in the same situation like the real ones. The purpose of these exams is to prepare students for the final exams. If you do well in your mocks examination, then there are better chances of your excelling in the final exams as well. Know about how to prepare well for the mocks below.

Relieve stress

Students usually get stressed before their exams which affects their performance. Know that mocks examination are not your final exams. These are just to help you prepare for your real exams. So take these exams as a part of your preparations. These exams are held to help you know that kind of situation or question papers you will face in your final exams. So, relieve your stress and pay your complete attention towards your studies. This way you will be in a better position to maintain a focus on your studies, and will get better scores even in the finals.

Study on a daily basis

Make studying daily as your habit. It is seen that most of the students don’t prepare on time and leave things till the last moment and then they face problems when they start their preparations a few days before their exams. So, if you don’t want to face any kind of problem, then it is a must for you to study on a regular basis, and that too daily. May be one chapter a day, but make sure you study daily. Don’t leave anything for the final moment because it will only create problems for you.

Prepare a proper schedule

Now this is something very important that you must need to do. Preparing a schedule will help you in studying or covering your course in a disciplined manner and you will be able to complete your preparations effectively and on time. So prepare a roper schedule. Make a list of all the chapters that you need to cover. Calculate how much time you have left in your exams. Set time for each chapter on the basis of the time left. If you have more days, then study at least two chapters daily, and if you have less time then cover as many chapters as you can in a day. In this way, you will also get time for revision. Once you are done preparing a schedule, print it on a sheet and paste it on a wall in your room or a place where you can easily see it.

Discuss your problems

If you have any kind of problem or confusion regarding your studies, then discuss it with your professors. Don’t hesitate in asking them the questions regarding the course because no matter whether a problem is small or big, they are the ones who can provide you the right solution for your exams. They may give you such ideas which you never would have thought on your own.

But what to do if you are a late starter and have not been able to prepare for the mocks exam before the exam week? We have got you covered in such a situation too. Get help from some of the tips mentioned below and you will be good to go. But we still would advise you to start the preparation on time, instead of waking up at the eleventh hour and expecting everything to fall into place without any trouble.

Do not panic

It is the most crucial step as it would either demotivate you if not kept under the shackles, or motivate you to work really hard till the exam day. Passing the mocks is not so difficult if you have even an average preparation, as most of the students fare well when they have to even write on the unfamiliar topics. As many of the students already have studied the courses in their classroom, therefore, they do not find much of a difficulty in penning down the answers during the exams. Stay calm so that you can prepare for the exams with a relaxed mind.

Research as well as practice

The researching may consist of the information relayed by the teachers regarding the important topics as well as the types of question that would be included in the paper. For this, you may contact your classmates or even batch mates to help you out in collecting the notes and other pointers, provided by the teacher during the lectures, if you missed out on any. You may even gather the courage to go directly to your teacher and ask them yourself as they are in a much better position to help you out. You may also practice the past papers or take other tests that had been already conducted by the teacher to determine the level of difficulty of the paper, and also to be able to handle it precisely at the time of the Mocks test. Some practice material as well as resources are usually available even online to download for free or can be purchased too.

Set your priorities

It all depends on the kind of time you have on your hands, if you are short on time, then only concentrate on your weaker areas, the ones that you are already aware of. Also, try to get acquainted with the basic strategies of reasoning, either verbal or non-verbal. Starting with a new topic, which you were not good at, will be a waste of time. Hence, try to save your time as much as you can.

Time yourself

While answering the questions, students must be aware of the fact that they should time themselves and allot a specific time period for each question to be dealt with. Even the vocabulary practice must be done with flashcards so that they are able to complete the questions based on vocabulary in the short time frame, which they might have at that time.
This way they will easily finish their preparation on time, even when they are short on time!

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