Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

By admin, 8 May, 2019

Hardly anyone will argue that social media is not part of our daily lives. But while regular people do not take full advantage of what platforms like Facebook or Instagram have to offer, businesses tend to make sure that their presence on such platforms is as big as possible. Not having the right website means that you are less likely to see any success, but the same can be said about social media. If you are not sure whether you are doing things the right way, make sure to read below. These tips will be of excellent use to everyone who is looking to improve their standings.

Scheduling Tools

When social media first appeared, a lot of skeptics said that it is only a matter of time before it disappears. However, the reality turned out to be completely different. The biggest challenge of maintaining an accountant is to make sure that you post regularly as almost every social media algorithm promotes those accounts which post regularly. Also, some other unforeseen circumstances could lead to engangment losses. That is why using scheduling tools is such a great option. You can schedule the posts beforehand, and make sure that there will be something on your accounts. There are plenty of free tools, but if you end up with a bigger number of accounts, you will likely need to purchase something more powerful. It all depends on your needs.

Figure Out the Best Time to Post

Best Time to Post

Depending on where you live and what your niche is, you will need to figure out what would be the best time to post on social media. This is impossible to achieve without testing. It will probably take about a month before you figure this one out. Of course, if your audience is from all over the world, it might be difficult to pinpoint the exact best time. Try Oberlo post with infographic and video on best time to post on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in 2019 to get the best out of what is available at the moment.

Focus on the Customer

Your goal here is to make the most out of the platform, no matter which one you are using. Again, it does depend on what kind of a service you are offering, but recent studies suggest that a big chunk of people prefer to contact companies via their social media platforms, rather than emails or phone calls. A quick response will do wonders for your brand, as it shows how much you care about the customers and always try to solve their problems as quick as possible because everyone loves good customer service. Also, after every interaction with your customer try to ask for a feedback and what could be improved people love when their opinion is important and taken into account.


Creating an account and expecting to see something happen out of the blue is nothing but wishful thinking. You will need to invest time and money to get noticed by others. Asking for a shoutout from big players, buying ads, leaving comments on similar niche websites or buying a post about your business from an influencer all of these methods work. Another great way is to perform contests with prizes where you generate a random winner from the people that liked, shared and commented on your post. However, the results will depend on the amount of money you are willing to invest and on the creative solutions you come up with.

Follow Trends

Follow Trends

It is quite easy to get left behind, given how fast the internet culture is evolving. Those who want to stay at the top need to make sure that they follow trends more than anything. Yes, stuff like clickbait titles are annoying, but when it comes to pure numbers, the ends justify the means. Although, there is a trend now that good high-quality content works some times even better than clickbait but you will need to do a thorough research on this topic in your own niche. Also, do not forget the hashtags as they are also a big part of the social media game they make it easier for the algorithm to distinguish your post. And it increases chances for your post to be put it in the explore tab or news feeds, so pay attention to those as well because you might get more customers from it.


The more active you are on social media, the easier it will be to connect with the audience. Respond to as many comments as you can, make sure to answer any questions that others might have. Upload stories to your Instagram and Facebook accounts, update on your business life and perform story polls as it allows you to check how active is your audience. As mention before, don't forget that people love competitions so consider engaging with your audience by performing a generic like, share and comment competition with some prizes on your social media. In addition, find all your competitors and influencers in your field and participate in their social media accounts. Comment under their pictures and like them. This way people will get to know you better and you might even attract your competitor's customers. It is called social media for a reason.



A simple text will not cut it. You will need to find innovation even if there is very little room for that. A good way to stand out from the rest is to have a consistency of providing content which focuses on the visual aspect of things. Stock photos get boring quite fast, so you need to up your game in this department as well. Let's be real nowadays a lot of social media is about being a friend with its algorithm so don't forget that most of the social media giants promote accounts that upload videos as it makes people to stay longer on their platform. Consider hiring some help with designing and editing knowledge.

To make a conclusion, if you are interested in improving your social media game, these few tips should be of great use. The more of them you implement, the higher you will end up.