Rise in Demand for Enterprise Mobile Apps in 2015

Rise in Demand for Enterprise Mobile Apps in 2015

Mobile app is the fastest growing sector of mobility market today. One of the reasons for their popularity is their simplicity and cost effectiveness. 2014 saw a rapid rise of the mobile app development companies, but 2015 will be the year where the apps will grow and will be based on more advanced technologies that will serve more advanced purposes. The customer expectations and demands will grow more in this year and will be addressed as well by the developers for more convenient apps that are built on advanced technologies. The rapid rise in the field of mobile development did not happen by chance. It is the tremendous opportunities that the mobile apps offer, the possibilities that it contains that drive businesses to develop a mobile application for them. The app category that gained the greatest growth was messaging and social apps.

Advanced Apps with Better UX

Apps are looked as a "good to have" technology option for most of the businesses. They act as the channel for them to promote and market their products and services. 2015 will see more specialized apps and most of the mobile app development companies will focus on particular job or task as the mobile will no longer be a set of installed apps. It will be an advanced tool for the businesses to use.

A positive experience is more important and the mobile apps should be much more than interesting looking. The year 2015 will see one-touch functionality to provide various functions in a single app.

Focus on Apps that Offer convenience

Real world apps will gain more importance in the year 2015 like the apps that serve specific purposes. Adding a shopping experience in apps will enable the user to shop quickly the items on a daily basis.

More Tight Security

The feature expectations in the app are increasing and the app security features need to be upgraded as well. The various security aspects need to be considered by the mobile app developers.

Many developers hesitate to provide their credit card information while making transactions on the internet, and this is the biggest concern for developers. The users should feel safe using the mobile apps while making a purchase. The creation of safe and secure apps should be the focus of 2015.

Cloud Services for Apps

Most of the users will own multiple devices and wearable. The app should have the ability to be installed on multiple devices at a time. This approach will require the businesses to use cloud services and offer the users with more abilities. This will certainly make both the desktop and the laptop environment to fade completely.

The connected cloud of smart devices means that the users can connect and interact with the customers and prospects as well. The users will be able to access information and powerful computing resources on demand to provide a real-time context. It is just the beginning of the massive revolution which will soon be augmented by the advent of smarter and connected devices.

Beacon and Location Based Services

The beacon technology is new for developers and it is bridging the boundaries between online and offline in retail and advertising sector.

Apple has already integrated this technology in the iOS devices and Android is expected to follow the same in 2015.

In the coming years, Wi-Fi will provide more services than just the internet service provider. It works seamlessly for indoor experiences where cellular connectivity is based on the access point location.

Internet of Things

It is growing exponentially with more and more people connecting via multiple devices. Apps will get mature and they will get integrated with multiple devices. The developers will be more focused on the app development in order to provide a great user experience.

The customer engagement platforms based on Wi-Fi will get a breakthrough to help the businesses reach the customers though the mobile apps.

Growth of Enterprise Apps

35% of the enterprises will use mobile application development platforms to develop and deploy various mobile apps across the organizations. IOT for enterprises is expected to see a major growth.

B2B application exchanges are also allowed by the enterprises in the year 2015 along with enterprise mobile management. There will be a lot of opportunity for the app developers to work on building great performing apps for enterprises.

App Marketing

Mobile app marketing techniques will also see a rise in this year. The app marketers were more focused on user engagement in the year 2014 and with this in mind, more and more marketers have started to realize the importance of organic users due to their loyalty.

App store optimization will again be the key factor in making the app successful and with location based services; the marketers will be able to focus more on the user's location for better promotion of their apps.

Mobile Gaming

Last year saw the mobile games gradually moving from single player to multiplayer and with the rise of multiplayer games in the market, social media interaction will become more important.

The mobile games are also expected to be cloud driven due to the regular update demand by the users. The game developers need to be more organized and specific.

The Future

Tracking and creating adequate apps or data analysis will be a clear expectation in 2015. Decision making for businesses will also improve in the future along with the tracking of app performance.

The mobile app developers will focus more on adding app insights along with takeaways. The new trends in the market have already made their existence and the year 2015 is also going to offer a lot of new trends for the enterprise apps.

As the enterprise app frontier expands, the IT decision makers will have new opportunities to save money and meet critical business needs. The enterprise app store will also provide an efficient means to get the latest version of mobile apps to the employees of an organization. We will be living in the era of mobility, where enterprises will utilize the Bring your Own Device strategy.