Moving Ahead: 6 Mobile App Development Trends in 2016

Mobile App Development Trends

Around three or four years back, it would be a noteworthy undertaking for us to use our PDAs or even think about a versatile application to call a taxicab, book flight tickets, hold a spot for dinner or even score a date! From the past couple of years, the mobile application development business has amassed a movement of changes and now with 2016 ringing in we are taking a look at the accompanying step - some more headway as far as tech and mobile applications! The immersion of examples ushers in latest advancement, crisp out of the fresh out of the box new programming codes, wearable contraptions in this manner significantly more which are going to look out and out not the same as the starting days of what any surely understood or driving flexible mobile app Development Company might have seen.

With all the mobile app developers working to a great degree difficult to stay before all the recent advancements and innovations, this infers we are in for some more inventive tech patterns in 2016! So what are the examples we all need to keep ourselves arranged up for one year from now with respect to mobile application improvement? Here's all that you need to know. Read on!

1) Swifter Much ?

Until recent years, a majority of the mobile app development company have developed their app using the traditional programs such as HTML, C++ and Objective-C. But with Apple's latest Swift release 2 years back, it's already become the most favorite language chosen by all developers and mobile app development companies too.
So what does this indicate? Coders can now create both a mobile app as well as a server-side management platform on Swift which calls for the language's popularity to soar even higher!

2) Security next

In 2014, a report by Gartner expressed that out of 5 versatile mobile applications; no less than 4 of them would wretchedly come up short security tests. This has been a startling issue which designers have buckled down on tending to this year - and looking ahead, this main focus would last will toward the end in 2016 also! Apple's iOS 9 platform is consolidated with top of the line security highlights whilst Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow is additionally going to turn up its security conventions. With applications developed by leading mobile app Development Company on the ascent which stores to a great degree crucial data, for example, charge card subtle elements and other legitimate data, designers can't bear to let free and overlook the security holes in their applications amid the development and deployment stage.

3) Wearable Technology

Google Glass stood out as truly newsworthy a year ago and the year prior to the last, yet the enthusiasm for wearable innovation does not appear to blur - on account of achievement of Apple Watch. The test has become stunningly better for WatchKit designers this year as watchOS2 discharged for the current year. In this way, from just creating application extensions for the Apple Watch, to applications whose logic is present right in the device itself. Recently, the complete count of applications for the Apple Watch hit 10000 - before the end of 2016, it's going to grow more in leaps and bounds.

4) Free, free, free

Right now, there are just about 75% mobile apps which are totally free of cost, and as indicated by a study by Gartner, this number is going to move up to 93% by 2016! The fundamental income producing power for both iOS and Android mobile application developers are in-application buys and aggregate amount of mobile applications are going to rise towards 310 billion! Another intriguing pattern to anticipate are hybrid apps which are anticipated to become popular. Be that as it may, for this pattern to really happen, we all need to hold up and watch!

5) Content Driven

By of the mobile app marketers, they have found that a large portion of their techniques that would work for them before scarcely had any impact when they were utilized on mobile devices. Mobile app marketing just requires its own particular technique as it shifts from brand to mark furthermore the crowd you are focusing at. In any case, the normal element that ought to be remembered amid versatile promoting is - customers get exceedingly angered by over the top showcasing on their gadgets, so a substance driven methodology is exceptionally key and should be embraced by organizations. How well you customize your application showcasing furthermore the substance inside is a key element to decide achievement. In the event that you have a project to track the information connected with how your intended interest group clients are interfacing with your application, you can modify and make your substance as needs be to the client's advantage! It's been an attempted and tried technique - nothing enhances an advertiser's project like upgrading the importance and content of their messaging.

6) Beacon and Wi-Fi services

Inferable from the most recent beacon technology, the barely recognizable difference between online and offline is significantly obscuring - particularly inside of the marketing and retail segments. By incorporating this innovation inside of Apple, it's an awesome steap ahead! Inside iBeacon innovation, it expands location services on iOS empowered gadgets. iPhone application developers and mobile app development companies can easily target customers specifically with Bluetooth low energy. In 2016, Apple joining iBeacon innovation inside of its gadgets will effectively be on the rise with major emphasis on geofencing as an important factor. It's likewise been noticed that countless, eateries, fine feasting ranges, retail foundations and exhibition halls are proactively introducing iBeacons to impart data and convey to Apple gadgets. Inferable from this pattern, Android is likewise all set to stick to this same pattern this up and coming year.

On a comparative note, Wi-Fi will be considerably more than Internet this year. As a large portion of the applications are utilizing area based Wi-Fi administrations, it's simpler for organizations to keep a mind where their clients are found and in this way give proper showcasing content on their cell phones. With Beacons and area based Wi-Fi administrations, be arranged for an upset to happen as it gives locally applicable substance. Along these lines, iOS application developers and mobile app development companies need to unequivocally concentrate on creating applications in view of these advances to give most recent offers and retail information to customers.

Adding on to the above, there are so many more exciting trends to look forward to in 2016 such as the Internet of Things, M-Commerce, the rise of enterprise applications, HTML5, Xamarin, cross-platform app development, advancements in mobile app gaming and tons more! We will have to wait and watch. Do you think there are some more trends we need to brace ourselves with this year? In case you have any suggestions or any additional comments to add to the above article, you can feel free to give your comments.